Motorcycle and Harley Owners Group Essay


What kinds of things has Harley-Davidson done well with its H. O. G program to create an extraordinary customer experience that is unique and valuable to its members? Harley Owners Group has been sponsoring many events and activities that can give their customer extraordinary and valuable experience. Examples of events and activities that are sponsored by independent dealerships such as Harley-Davidson Singapore are short rides, major destination rides, or local charity events.Numerous rides have been sponsored by Harley Owners Group for their loyal members to create the sharing experience in riding Harley-Davidson. Furthermore, Harley Owners Group members are also invited to events such as new model launches, and riders’ appreciation nights. In Singapore, a community of friends rides Harley-Davidson motorcycles with a passion.

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“To Ride and Have Fun” is a motto that all Harley Owners Group chapters around the world follow.Riders associate riding with owners as a time of bonding and conveys the image of freedom and adventure. We can say that these all experience sponsored and given by Harley Owners Group has given their worldwide members a golden and unique experience that other competitors could not give to their customers. 2.

To enlarge its customer base, what kinds of things would you recommend Harley-Davidson do to cultivate long-term relationships with a younger audience, aged between 18 – 34 years old?I could not agree more with the recommendation to enlarge Harley-Davidson’s customer base by using social media applications such as Facebook, Twitter and other social network to create long-term relationships with new, younger riders aged 18 to 34 years old. Engaging relationships have been established with young adults who are global fans of Harley-Davidson’s Facebook page. Furthermore, Harley-Davidson could hold an events or parties for young adults at popular bars and clubs around major cities.These events will exactly give them the chance to understand what Harley-Davidson is all about. They will be able to sit on bikes, learn the basics of riding and have a good time. In addition, I would say Harley-Davidson should publicize new riders’ courses through a social media campaign with celebrity participants.

Actually with this strategy, it will be effective to attract these young adults who want to learn riding bikes lesson with their favorite celebrity participants so that they will have fun while in the learning session.


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