Motivation Vs Employee Performance Theories Commerce Essay

Motivation vs employee public presentation is a typical subject of human resource direction.

Performance can be increased by actuating employees. Motivated employees can execute better than unmotivated employees within an administration. Every person need some sort of motivations to execute their occupations in important mode. In this epoch there are many tips are available to actuate their employees but we have some different theories in which we can use in the corporate degree to better the productiveness of the organisation. These theories are divided into two parts:ASDA walmart, Dell Computers, IBM, Starbucks and McDonald are utilizing these theories in different ways to accomplish their specific ends in their industries.

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These companies are good known in their ain field. They are keep actuating their employees to accomplish the best consequence.With a positive motive doctrine and pattern in topographic point, productiveness, quality and service should better because motive helps people towards: achieving ends ; deriving a positive position ; making the power to alter ; constructing self-pride and capableness ; and pull offing their development and assisting others.


Definition of Employee public presentation:

Employee public presentation is how good an employee performed his assigned occupation or undertaking.

Definition of Motivation:

It ‘s a psychological characteristic that arouses an being to action towards a coveted end, the ground for that act so the thing which is approach the human being he make that.The public presentation of employees contributes toward the success of any organisation. Employee public presentation can be increased by actuating them. Motivation is fundamentally an energetic dosage which is necessary for the employees in any administration to increase the productiveness of the administration.

The survey of motive is concerned. Why people behave in a differentWay and how they attempt to accomplish some end in order to carry through the demand and needs or outlooks. They have single assortment of altering, and viing, demands and outlooks. One utile treble they much worked at your work topographic point economic, intrinsic and societal.

Following are the some existent life illustrations of the companies how they motivate their employees.The most of import factor of motive is to aline the end, intent and values between staff, squad and direction. The job occurs when there is a spread between staff and direction.

Corporate Examples of Motivation & A ; Performance:

ASDA Wal-Mart Super Stores:

ASDA has 321 shops with 148,000 employees in the UK. ASDA employees are motivated to being able to assist the clients.

They offer a competitory bundle for motive of their staff.Harmonizing to Hierarchy of Need theory ( Maslow, 1943 ) an person can break execute if he is provided basic demands foremost. He provides hierarchal demands of a worker which need to be fulfilled to acquire better consequences from an person.

figure: Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of NeedsThe footing of this theory is that workers are being motivated by unsated demands, and that lower demands are provided before the higher demands to an person. He gave an order of demand in which he believes that this order should be followed to actuate an person.ASDA provide basic demands to their co-workers so they can execute their occupation without any emphasis and experience felicity by assisting the community.

Their motto is:Always Happy to HelpThey fulfil the physiological demands of workers by supplying on clip wages i.e. after every four hebdomad and there is a system of interruption i.e. after every 4 hr it is necessary to hold a 15 proceedingss break to work for another 3 to 4 hours. Harmonizing to above theory the 2nd higher demand for a worker is secured work topographic point and in ASDA shops company provide a assurance of safety by puting proficient devices like cameras, fire dismaies and security officers to manage any sort of menaces and corrupt the staff.To obtain the coveted consequences of aid, they emphasise on the basic demands of their staff they provide some benefits.ASDA believe in unique and valued part of their employees.

Following are some benefits from ASDA to their staff to actuate them.ASDA offer 10 % price reduction to their employees on shopping in any ASDA shop. Annually bonus provided to the staff.Free of charge unvarying any clip co-worker demand.Wall-mart has been authorising its work force through preparation to guarantee that those who show advancement in their public presentation are good awarded through publicity. Therefore following the McGregor theory of motive, they are efficaciously utilizing acknowledgment in accomplishment as an of import ways to actuate their workers.


McDonald ‘s concern is simple People-Profit-Chain theoretical account.

McDonald adheres to the rule that “ The consequence is done by a adult male ” .The company has based its success on the motive theories holding altered merely some facets of them. They follow simple theoretical regulations to increase the public presentation of their employees.Reasonable increase on employees ‘ wages.

One purpose per individual is better than to hold multi intents.The purpose must alter.Every section should hold different elaborated systems of motive.McDonalds applies following three constituents of the motive system in the company:Social policyFiscal encouragementNon fiscal encouragementThese three factors described by Maslow ‘s hierarchy of demand theory. Maslow says that all these demands must be fulfilled one after another but McDonalds scheme shows that at the same time fulfillment of these demands can increase the employees public presentation.The world is that an employee has a set of demands in every hard-boiled minute.

Harmonizing to above McDonalds ‘ has effectual motive system that makes it possible to increase employees ‘ public presentation, and heighten the company ‘s productiveness. The directors and decision makers used some specific techniques on the footing of some motive theories. Having applied the process of assembly line in cookery and grilling the nutrient, company ensured the high public presentation, service and in the average clip standard quality of nutrient to the clients. Besides, McDonalds has implemented really effectual motive scheme that is based on the bing motive theories.

Consequently, on the footing of the research we realised that different companies has different system of employee public presentation behavior account and every concrete instance should be examined as the ‘McDonalds ‘ company instance. Motivation theories, such as Maslow ‘s theory of motive which is hierarchy of demand of an employee should function as the footing for lucubrating a scheme in McDonalds which will direct disposal ‘s and director ‘s forces towards the purpose – employee satisfaction via internal motive and Maslow ‘s Hierarchy of Needs theoretical account.


Starbucks corporation is the most celebrated concatenation of retail java stores in the World. ( Michelli, 2006 ) As a consequence, Starbucks would be one of the optimum concern theoretical accounts for the schemes of employee motive, client satisfaction and cooperation of teamwork.The Chief Executive of Starbucks corporation, Howard Schultz believes that the spirit of Starbucks is employees and he feels proud about the value of Starbucks employees.

The company offers an synergistic construction that makes forces instil themselves into their occupation ; hence they can actuate spouses to fulfill themselves so accomplishing a new degree of public presentation.Following are some preset regulations for the employees of company.Dainty employees as spousesEach employee will acquire holiday and personal clip.

Employees get price reductions on Starbucks merchandise.Training for all employees including directorsThe directors in Starbucks dainty every individual worker every bit and all of the staffs are called ‘partners ‘ , even the supervisors of each subdivision are called it every bit good. In order to contract the spread between directors and employees, they besides co-work with the basic degree staffs in the front line.The spouses of the company have the right to indicate out what the particular policy which will be the best policy for employees of the star vaulting horses, and the managers should demo a regard for each suggestion which is made by the spouses ( staff ) . Starbucks has a well-organized communicating channel for their employees.

It places a great importance on labors. For illustration, directors plan the on the job hours for each worker and set up the agenda of clip off and vacations, harmonizing to their demands to run into their concern demands. To carry throughing the demands and demands of employees directors conduct interviews on hebdomadal footing to see what the precisely needs of peculiar employees. This is precisely harmonizing to Maslow ‘s theory of demands and Herzberg ‘s two factor theory.

All star vaulting horses employees being offered some great trades of public assistance policies, for illustration, price reduction on merchandises of star vaulting horses for employees, medical insurance ( including wellness, vision and dentil intervention ) and some clip some excess vacations.Harmonizing the Maslow hierarchy of demand, money is one of the most of import factors in the motive of the most of import incentive. However harmonizing to the Hertzberg ‘s two factor theoretical account of motive, it tend to hold short term consequence on the motive of the work force, it has been identified as one of the most of import factor in the overall motive of the work force. At the higher degrees of his hierarchy where congratulations, regard, acknowledgment and authorization, these companies has been utilizing this theoretical account by guaranting that they recognize the public presentation of their workers.figure: Herzberg ‘s Two Factor Theory


IBM has in peculiar upheld the spirit of squad work which is of import in motive harmonizing to McGregor XY Theory.figure: McGregor Theory X and YIBM has been stressing the development of effectual communicating between its work forces by guaranting healthy squad competition.

IBM sets ends for each employee working in the company which ensures that the employee is accomplishing the certain mark.Company believe in high degree of squad spirit. Employees work in a squad to finish the specific undertakings or undertakings.


Dell Computers is a universe most celebrated company.

Dell has sets some regulations to actuate their employees so they can execute good. The Chief executive officer of the company believes that an employee can execute good if he or she work like an proprietor or spouse of the company.“ To actuate an employee to believe like an proprietor, you have to give them metric she can encompass, ” says Michael Dell, CEO of Dell Computer Corporation.At Dell Computers, Every worker ‘s inducements & A ; compensation are tied to the wellness of the concern. Directors normally explained specifically how the employees can lend the concern and making things right the first clip. There is a nucleus inducement plan for all employees in the company. Among other inducements, Dell Inc. gives every employee a hebdomad off at Christmas and 10 paid yearss a twelvemonth for a personal usage.

This corporate doctrine is called “ The Soul of Dell, ”Dell pays inducements to their employees and besides underscore on the emotional side to maintain them motivated. Dell besides keeps appraised their employees. The direction support informed their employees about any alteration in company or any international assistance made by the company. This is precisely the same theory which is provided by Herzberg.Dell directors are ensured to equilibrate the satisfiers and dis-satisfiers. Procedures and policies of the company may do dissatistaction.

To cut down this dissatisfaction Dell believes the best method is to raise the consciousness of the employees and promote them to acquire involved in the creative activity of policies of the company. By making this employees can recognize the alteration and experience confident and the consequence and consequence will be the better public presentation.Herzbergs 2nd factor i.e. Incentives. This is the factor that stimulate the employees to execute good occupations. Dell has a important publicity process and wages policy to make a ambitious environment for the employees. And the consequence is healthy and productive environment in the company.


Motivation is necessary to increase the public presentation of the organisation and productiveness. Different companies are following the different theories, in every administration motivate to the employee is of import function for the directors harmonizing to Frederick two factor motive theory. Herzberg describe that there are two elements on the work topographic point satisfied and dissatisfied in the employee.

However, we have seen from the treatments above that there still appears to be generalsupport for the theories of Maslow and Herzberg and McGregor. A Chartered Management Institute checklist maintains that these theories are still valid today. ‘A basic apprehension of their chiefPrinciples will be priceless for constructing a clime of honestness, openness and trust. From a 12-year survey of the usage of direction constructs in proficient administrations, Flores and Utley found the work of Mallow and McGregor the most popular motivational theories and besides refer to the relationship between Mallow and Herzberg and the successful execution of quality systems.Whatever the popularity of different theories of motive, uncertainties are raised about their catholicity on the land that they have non adequately addressed the factor of civilization.


Motivating employees to acquire best public presentation from the employees is non a typical scientific discipline and there is no individual regulation to implement for each and every employee. Different peoples working in a same administration can hold different jobs and different attitudes to execute their certain occupations. First we need to cognize the employee how he can execute good and what his or her desires are. Maslows ‘ theory of Hierarchal demand and Herzberg two factors theory can assist to analyze and carry through the demands of an person.

Here are some general recommendations we can seek to actuate staff.Promote employees all the clip before, during and after the work.Recognise and honor a occupation good done.Offer fiscal inducements.Promote merriment and felicity at the workplace.


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