Motivation, Emotion and Human Sexuality Essay

Motivation, Emotion and Human Sexuality            Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory suggests that there are five needs systems that account for most of our behavior.

Abraham Maslow’s concept of self actualization is that one can divide the total identity into actual, potential, aspired, and ideal selves (Nairne 367). When all the four basic maintenance needs are satisfied, motivation is then toward self actualization. Maslow identified the attributes of a self- actualized person as being able to recognize and accept personal limitations as well as of others; having a clear perception and an acceptance of reality and being able to have profound interpersonal relationships.Maslow’s self actualization hierarchy of needs is what motivates me to act in such a way in order to fulfill this need. Since my physiological and safety and security needs are provided amply at home, my social needs are afforded to me by my friends and my ego-status needs is also satisfied by constantly contributing my best to the efforts of any group that I happen to belong in return for the numerous forms of reward that recognition can assume. I have yet to experience a sense of personal growth and achievement, of satisfaction and self-fulfillment through focusing in the accomplishment of all my goals as a student and also as a person at the same time being able to appreciate all the experiences and events I am dealing with even if it is disapproving.

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One occurrence in my life that I can say I was able to identify that I am striving for self -actualization is every time I am having my examinations, as I am focused to always pass. Being just a student, I have yet to achieve things that elders have already managed to obtain, which is why I still have a lot a room to grow. It is a natural tendency of people to be constantly dissatisfied with what they have now. I must say that I am not an exception to the rule, although to get to the next level, I do not take for granted that there are other people around me who will be affected by my actions. This unquenchable thirst for something better is the main driving force on why my behavior in general can be described as assertive, competitive and adventurous.WORK CITEDNairne, James.

Psychology: The Adaptive Mind. Belmont, California: Thomson Wadsworth, 2006. 


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