Motivation and reward to the employees Essay

Motivation and wages goes manus in manus. If employees are paid by what they produced – the harder they work, the more they are paid it is expected that the excess money wages would actuate them as suggested by Frederick Taylor in his motive theory published in 19 11 that human being purely work for money. It is true to some extent nevertheless, they ( employees ) do non work merely for money as described by Elton mayo in his theory presented in early mid-thirtiess. He say s in his theory that it is the good communicating, good squad work, demoing involvement in squad work, affecting others in determination devising, guaranting the well being of others and guaranting that work is interesting and non-repetitive that motivate employees.

Figure1.1 MASLOW ‘S HIERARCHY OF NEEDPositive and good effects come from good fiscal and non-financial wagess.It is really of import to hold a good managed wage system in topographic point. Just and sensible wages is indispensable and really of import for good morale. As we can see Maslow in his theory which is slightly similar to the Mayo that first human necessitate his basic demands satisfied. But so he believes that one time that demand is satisfied it lead to another degree which is safety, societal or sense of belonging, self esteem and so self realization.

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Herzberg on the other manus provinces in his theory which he presented in 1959 ( two factor theory ) that it is the conditions that need to developed in the concern that he truly actuate the employees he split them into two subdivision hygiene factors and satisfiers. First consist of occupation security working conditions and personal life. The later is chiefly accomplishments, acknowledgment, growing and publicity.Motivational theory and wagess are interlinked. Good working status, better wage, grasp at work, publicity, understanding human psychological science all these flexible working hours all these wagess were developed out of these motivational theories.Bacillus: Understanding ExpectationsTo measure occupation public presentation, it must be understood what is expected from employee to be accomplished. It can be done by traveling through employee ‘s occupation description or one-year work program. Informal interviews can be carried out with the employees or supervisors to understand better what undertakings should hold been done, how they should hold been implemented and any expected consequences.

There should be a conversation with the employee to discourse apprehension of the occupation description every bit good as how he or she interprets the definition of success with his undertakings ‘ completion and her undertakings ‘ implemented. Compare and contrast the responses received to derive a sense of whether everyone agrees about the intent of the occupation and what satisfactory public presentation expressions like.

Measuring Performance

The cardinal component of this procedure is measuring the public presentation of employee. The basic inquiries to reply are did the employee complete the undertakings and was he responsible for it, if so, how good? ” After discoursing it with the employee, co-worker and supervisor about their apprehension of the occupation ‘s outlooks, inquire them to give feedback on the employee ‘s public presentation against those outlooks.

If there were pre-planned marks for public presentation, discuss the employee ‘s work based on those marks. Talk to the employee about his public presentation and what he did to carry through her ends. All the elements of the scheme for carry throughing the jutting ends should be recorded to do a concluding finding of how good he or she did her occupation.

Making Recommendations

Evaluation is non a one-way street. Once an appraisal of the employee ‘s public presentation has been done, recommendations on countries that are required to be improved should be made in a positive and practical manner. If an employee is in demand of any aid or support to increase his success traveling frontward, these options should be discussed with the employee. All feedback should be captured in authorship and signed by the employee and judge. The employee, the supervisor and the Human Resources representative should all have signed transcripts.

Degree centigrades:

Employees remain loyal- The effectual wages system can ensue in trueness from Employees as they feel valued and respected. If they are promoted trained rewarded financially they appreciate that and consequence in working for company for a long clip.Performance improve-Reward system will better employees ‘ public presentation as it is a human nature that if one expects some wages at the completion of a undertaking he or she will set in more attempt to carry through it.Net income can increase- If employees work diligently and with complete unfeignedly it will decidedly impact company ‘s net incomes in a positive mannerSkills and Knowledge – Merely as wage systems can actuate public presentation they can actuate acquisition and development. The same motivational rules apply. Persons are motivated to larn those alterations which are rewarded. As will be discussed subsequently, a comparatively new attack to pay, skill based wage, has been developed to capitalise on merely this point. It allows organisations to strategically aim the larning its wants employees to prosecute in.

This is in contrast to many occupation based systems which indirectly do this by binding increased wage and perquisites to obtaining higher degree occupations.Calciferol: 1. Manager Appraisal: A director appraises the employee ‘s public presentation and delivers the assessment to the employee.

Manager assessment is by nature top-down and does non promote the employee ‘s active engagement. It is frequently met with opposition, because the employee has no investing in its development.2. Self-Appraisal: The employee appraises his or her ain public presentation, in many instances comparing the self-appraisal to direction ‘s reappraisal. Often, self-appraisals can foreground disagreements between what the employee and direction think are of import public presentation factors and supply common feedback for meaningful accommodation of outlooks.

3. Peer Appraisal: Employees in similar places appraise an employee ‘s public presentation. This method is based on the premise that colleagues are most familiar with an employee ‘s public presentation. Peer assessment has long been used successfully in fabricating environments, where nonsubjective standards such as units produced prevail. Recently, equal assessment has expanded to white-collar professions, where soft standards such as “ plants good with others ” can take to equivocal assessments. Peer assessments are frequently effectual at concentrating an employee ‘s attending on unwanted behaviors and actuating alteration.

4. Team Appraisal: Similar to peer assessment in that members of a squad, who may keep different places, are asked to measure each other ‘s work and work manners. This attack assumes that the squad ‘s aims and each member ‘s expected part have been clearly defined. . Absenteeism/Tardiness: An employee is evidently non executing when he or she is non at work.

Other employees ‘ public presentation may be adversely impacted by absences, excessively.5. Creativity: It can be hard to quantify creativeness as a public presentation index, but in many white-collar occupations, it is vitally of import.

Supervisors and employees should maintain path of originative work illustrations and effort to quantify them.6. Attachment to Policy: This may look to be the antonym of creativeness, but it is simply a boundary on creativeness.

Deviations from policy indicate an employee whose public presentation ends are non good aligned with those of the accessed 30//11/2010www. accessed 1/12/

edu/pdf accessed1/12/2010Task4 A:Resignation: It can be described as when employee decides to stop his employment with the company. There can be many other grounds for case missive of employment from other company or an employee is non happy with the present company. Administration will carry on an issue interview so that any betterments are made as a consequence of it.

Lay off: It is carried out when company is non doing any concern or in other words there is no work available. In such instances employer should give progress notice of the shutting or redundancy so that employees look for another occupation in progress.Merger/ buyout: when a company merges with another company or it is bought by another large company some structural alterations are done. As a consequence of it occupations in some section are cut down. Company offer some rupture bundles to the employees ‘ and there employment is terminated.

For case when Cadbury universe was bought by American company trade. Some occupations were finished as consequence of this buyout.For cause: Every company has its ain set of regulations.

If they are non followed, an employee occupation may come to an terminal. For case if person behave in manner that jeopardize company ‘s repute or person attack his carbon monoxide worker or act in a fallacious manner can take to employment surcease. All the item demand to be exhaustively recorded in this instance.Poor Performance: If an employee persistently executing in a hapless manner he or she can be dismissed from his occupation. Every company has its set of criterions which they fulfil through their employees and if an employee is non up to that standard his can be terminated.Bacillus: Exit process: It is a process to find why an employee is go forthing the administration and as a consequence of what need to be done to better upon those factors that led to the surrender of the company.Tower crossroads council London:The Manager function: It is the duty of the line director to inform the board of directors of human resource every bit shortly as possible when employee manus in his surrender.

The director so has to finish the “ verification of go forthing signifier ” together with the going employee. Form demand to be completed accurately to acquire the undermentioned information right.1 ) To acquire current contact information of the going employee in instance the council need to reach him one time he left the occupation.2 ) To obtain information about one-year leave entitlement and one-year leave taken to do certain that he is paid the staying sum of money.

3 ) Reason for go forthing demand to be recorded every bit good. Such a feedback would heighten council public presentation for that peculiar occupation as it will be evaluated.4 ) Any point belong to the administration be handed in.Line director should inquire for the issue questionnaire from the board of directors of the human resource. Going employee should be given a opportunity to make full this signifier with director or a representative from DHR.

Once this is done signifier be signed and questionnaire attached to the signifier be sent to the DHR. All parties should acquire transcripts of the signifier.McDonald ‘s eating house Ltd issue process:Employee should give two hebdomads ‘ notice in progress to the shop director. Store director inform human resource director about employee ‘s surrender.

Then a signifier is filled in which the day of the month of employment surcease and any staying money owed by company is recorded. Manager asks you about the ground of go forthing. Employee is besides asked to return any company belongings to the company. Directors accept his surrender and a it is sent to the human resource section.www.mcdonald. accessed 2/12/ accessed 2/12/2010Degree centigrade: Legal and regulative frame work has a far making impact on the employment surcease.1 ) Unfair and unlawful dismissal minimised: If an employee feels that he has been sacked below the belt or his occupation been finished without following proper process, he or she can take that affair to the employment entreaty court. Where his instance will be heard and if he wins that instance he will be punctually compensated. For illustration Irani v Southampton and SW Hampshire Health Authority 1984 “ Irani was a portion clip ophthalmologist working in a clinic.

Irreconcilable differences developed between Irani and the adviser in charge of the clinic. The wellness governments decided that one of the employees should go forth. As a junior employee Irani was dismissed. The wellness authorization did non find any peculiar mistake with Irani. Irani successfully obtained injunction against the dismissal because the correct processs had non been followed, this mean that the dismissal was suspended until the issue had been right considered. Irani did non work during that period.

”Kathy, d. , “ Employment Law For H R And Business Student ” 1st edition,2004, page 145,

uk2 ) Job security enhanced: Legal and regulative model has given employee a occupation security and a piece of head as they know if they are traveling to be removed from their occupation, there should be solid evidences for it. Employer merely can non take them without the proper process.3 ) Fiscal facet: when employment semen to an terminal for any ground ( surrender, amalgamation, redundancy ) in all these instances any outstanding sum be paid to the employee as there are clear guidelines in these jurisprudence to make so. Any employer, administration can be to a great extent fined if they were found guilty of carelessness.Discrimination greatly reduced: No 1 can be removed from a occupation on the footing of his O her coloring material, race, faith and ethnicity. This model has empowered weak section of the the society as protect them and halt them from being exploited.


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