Motivation and Management Essay

a)      Human resource is the most valuable asset in every institution. The success of an organization depends on the level of productivity of its manpower. Even though the amount of resources (e.g.

finances, tangible matter, equipments) is abundant, it is the extent of its workers that determines its distinction among other rival companies (Sirota, Mischkind, & Meltzer, 2005). Motivation plays a big role in maintaining a high level of productivity in companies. Harley Davidson may implement activities that will help enhance the skills of the workers. Second, the company should offer benefits to outstanding employees so as to create a paradigm of standard level of production.

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In such way, other workers will see that a person who does well in his or her job will be compensated accordingly.b)      Another cost-cutting measure which will in a way boost the production level is by recruiting entry level workers where the wages fall on lower class so that the company’s allocation for wages are equally divided. Beating deadlines should be a main priority.

The middle class managers should follow the six-sigma management so as to ensure quality products whence cost-cutting measures as implemented while deadlines are met on time. This will help the company align a standard for all its products which will consequently earn the trust of its clients. A win-win situation for both the producer and the consumer.

c)      The expected problem for this method would be the quality of their products as well as the increase of allocation for the shipment. The fees will surely amplify since each transaction is in a rush order. However, if the company is able to follow the six-sigma method then this dilemma is more likely to be prevented.d)     Consistent management improvements and human resource enhancements.ReferenceSirota, D., Mischkind, L.

A., & Meltzer, M. I. (2005). The Enthusiastic Employee: How Companies Profit by Giving Workers What They Want. Philadelphia, USA: Wharton School Publishing. 


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