Motivation and Behavior Essay

Motivation and Behavior Maria Isabel Cota Paredes PSY355 11 October 2012 University of Phoenix Motivation and Behavior Have you ever hear you brain telling you to don’t keep seeing that special person that takes your attention because you already felt in love once and didn’t work, and hurts.In the other side your heart telling you to take the risk because being in love feels amazing, and don’t matter how many times your heart would be broken, it feels amazing to feel alive, to have a reason to wake up every day, to have a friend you can call anytime of the day to tell him or her something funny you saw while walking on the street, or just to feel the warm of a kiss. And if you don’t take that risk you would never find out that sensation could have stayed forever.So my friend that is a popular example of what motivation is.

That sensation is what makes you keep trying and taking your preoccupation of a broken heart away. Or if you want a philosophical meaning I can site Shophenhauer who says that “to be motivated is to be moved into action, or to decide on a change in action” (Lambert Deckers, 2010 Pearson education, para. four) which is valid too. Of course in order to be motivated you need to have a reward or an incentive, an incentive is the goal of the motive.Like in the example above, that incentive of keeping dating with that special person is to someday get to feel that butterflies in the stomach, and feel that “true love” of everyone is talking about, and to have that beautiful family that everyone is expecting you to have, etcetera. Internal and external sources There are internal and external sources that motivate behavior.

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Internal sources are those biological and psychological variables that determine what will be motivating (Lambert Deckers, 2010 Pearson education, para. 7) For example; hunger, thirst, or sex. Let’s take the example of hunger. Hunger is a biological variable that motivates a person to wake up every morning, and drive to work to earn some money and get food to his family. Hunger is the primary reason of why people try to earn money to can get feed, which is a basic necessity of the body to stay alive.

There are also psychological variables like the need of belong (Lambert Deckers, 2010 Pearson education, para. 21) this is a need that makes you feel part of a group, part of a something.Individuals satisfy their need to belong with behaviors that lead to group affiliation (Lambert Deckers, 2010 Pearson education, para. 21) for example; you have a son in elementary school, and he starts watching that all his classmates are starting to join the football team, and suddenly in class there is no more conversation that football team, the boys and girls only talk about the guys in the team, and the matches coming, and the reunions they assist , etc. , so it is probably that your son will want to join the football team, because eventually he will no longer feel part of a group if the doesn’t join the football team.He will feel not having interesting topics of conversation with his classmates, or assisting parties where he is not invited. So he will have the necessity of join the football team for the need of belongs.

The environment is an example of an external source of motivation; the environmental variables drive to those incentives or goals that could be attracting or repealing. The incentives with positive characteristic attract us, and those with negative characteristic repeal us (Lambert Deckers, 2010 Pearson education, para. 23). Relationship between motivation and behaviorThe fact that internal and external variables motivate behavior explains that humans put more value on those things they are deprived of. For example; if you love Starbucks coffee because all of your friends always attended that coffee shop every Friday after school, but you never could joined them because your parents didn’t give you enough money for this kind of activities, they said “it was a waste of time”.

You will probably appreciate more the coffee from that specific coffee shop, even if the coffee in seven eleven is better, or shipper, you will prefer Starbucks’ coffee.Deprivation determines behavior. In other hand behavior exhibits how motivated you are. For example; if your dad tells you that if you clean your room every three days during 6 months you could go any party you want without the necessity of asking him first, but he also tells you that if you do that same task for one year instead of six months, he would give you a car.

So it is more likely that you will clean your room during a year, instead of doing it for only six months in order to get that car.Your behavior will determine how motivated you are thanks to that incentive. In conclusion every action an individual does has a reason previously analyzed; even if the motive is biological the individual will always act because it is convenient to him or her, and he or she thinks that this action will bring some incentive or award to them. References Lambert Deckers. (2010 pearson education). introduction to motivation and emotion. Retrieved from Lambert Deckers, psy350 website.


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