Mother Tongue, Amy Tan Essay

After reading the strongly written “Mother Tongue” by Amy Tan, it shows a great deal of strength from the Asian American culture. Throughout the reading it showed how hard it was and still is for Asian Americans to work through the difficulties of the English language. The essay talked first about the different languages of English that this young lady learned and used through her life.The second part was about the difficulties that she had through school because English wasn’t here strongest subject and lastly the problems that arose for her because of the way her mother spoke English.

Having English as a second language for Amy was difficult at times, but through her faults and triumphs she overcame and succeeded when no one thought she could. As Amy began her long journey to become a writer it was easier for her after she realized all the languages she spoke throughout her lifetime.She used many different languages with different people and didn’t even know it. When she spoke to people that spoke English as their primary language she used correct English, in contrast to when she spoke with her mother it was simpler and broken English. It was very hard for her to understand the difference until she asked fellow friends about how her mother spoke. As she began to realize that differences that she had encountered it was becoming easier for her to tell the difference and make corrections to better herself.This wasn’t the only hurdle that Amy must jump.

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When Amy attended school she was a very bright person. English by all means didn’t fall behind at all in her studies, but the teachers just realized that other subjects such as science and mathematics were much stronger than her English skills. When you are in school and sometimes English isn’t as strong as the other children, the professors push the students towards what they are good at so they will find it easier to succeed in life.Amy was being forced, but that wasn’t the direction that she was wanted to be forced in. She thought maybe that it had something to do with her living with a mother that didn’t speak strong English and many of the other students were living in homes where English was very strong.

The questioned stayed in her mind, but she was sure she could over come. Not only was speaking a problem that arose at home, but having her mother that had trouble communicating in the real world made her life harder than it could have been.Besides her working hard on her school work, she had to help her mother talk to people about different things. Talking to people that may be taking advantage of her mother was very difficult and her mother just found it easier for her to pretend that she was her.

Through Amy’s life it was hard for her to become the writer she was aspiring to be. It was a hard struggle as an Asian American to succeed in something that no one believed she could. Although English wasn’t her first language, it helped her in the long run to understand the English language better.


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