Most Whenever you eat something tasty your

Most of thepeople know that unhealthy food causes different health problems like bloodpressure, heart problems and much more.Then why we are so attracted to junk food? The smell, color, texture of thefood is so attractive that you can’t resist. Another reason is the actualcomposition of food macronutrients – a mixture of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. In the case of”junk” food, food producers are looking for the perfect combinationof salt, sugar and fat, which excites your brain and makes you eat them againand again.  Here are the things that happen to your brain when you eat junk food-1-    It could become addictiveOverconsumption of junk food triggers neuron response which leads tocompulsive eating and you get addictive to the food.

2-    Sensory-specific responseOur brain gets easily bored withthe same food so fast and that why we crave for different food. So, junk foodis made in such a way that every bite has a different taste and we don’t get bored.3-    Dynamic ContrastJunk foods are so crispy, tasty with different flavors in the same food.

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The brain goes crazy and finds it verythrilling.4-    Quick meltdown of foodJunk food easily meltdown in your mouth and send signals to your brain thatyou are not full and you continue to eat it.5-    Salivary responseThe more you crave for a food, the more you salivate and it covers yourtaste buds.

Hot chocolate, butter, ice cream, salad dressing cause salvationand you love eating it whether it is good or not. 6-    Calorie densityJunk food convinces the brain that the body receives food, but does notoverfill. The receptors in the mouth and stomach send information to thebrain about nutrition (this causes a pleasant feeling), but not aboutsatiety. It’s difficult to stop on time.7-    Memories of past good food experienceWhenever you eat something tasty your brain saves that feeling. Next timewhenever you see the same food again, you start salvation.

You crave and youcan’t stop yourself from buying it. How to avoid it Don’t to any of the places which serve junk food when you are stressed, becausein stress condition you crave more and eat lots. Simple changes in lifestyles canhelp you to reduce the consumption of junk food. Eat only healthy foods like vegetablesand fruits; it will decrease your craving for junk food. Don’t keep yourself so hungry that the first thing you see you eat. Andnever visit grocery shopping empty stomach; you will end with lots of junk foodwith you.

Eat proper and healthy food at regular interval of time.  


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