Most useful college major Essay

Most useful college major            Graduating high school is another step to making a bigger decision in life. In choosing a college major a person wants to pursue, one has to choose a course which will serve one’s main interest in life and at the same time will place one at a better financial status. There are so many courses offered today but one has to consider what is the most in-demand in the employment market. In the present information revolution, society as a whole is being highly affected by the impact of the internet. A computer science course, majoring in system analysis, will be increasingly employed in every sector of the economy.

  Employment for computer system analyst is anticipated to increase at a faster rate than the average of all employment types through the year 2014, according to the United States Department of Labor (2006), as businesses keep on adopting and incorporating gradually more complicated technologies. Walsh and Soltwedel (2007) related that on the list of ten fastest emerging occupations (in %), the top seven are directly related to computers. Goldberg (2007) further stressed that nationwide, getting the services of computer system analysts is likely to grow by 39.4%. Computer System Analysts are now being employed throughout the federal government.

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They scrutinize problems linked to data processing, and maintain smooth operations of computer systems.There is one aspect of computer science education in which people can be certain that in the near future there will be a great change, based on historical trends. Therefore, it is the author’s opinion that growth will be determined by swift boosts in computer system design and other associated services. Job prospects ought to be encouraging, particularly for applicants who hold a bachelors degree in computer science with concentration in information system in the 21st century where almost every industry involves computer technology. Having this useful major will allow graduates to evaluate the effectiveness of the systems. Ultimately, the college major specializing in computer system analysis is going to have a vast opportunity and will be very useful in the near future.WORK CITEDGoldberg, J. (2007).

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