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Most child abduction is not by a complete stranger, but most of the time the child is abducted by a family member. This is because of family separation, which causes one of the parents to abduct your child. Child abduction is a very huge thing that happens to a lot of kids all over the world. It is crucial to be informed about the basic facts of child abduction, its prevention, and protection for both the parent and children.For starters, is is crucial to know about the basic facts of child abduction. According to research, Phoenix, Arizona has the most child abduction cases documented.They have over 370 cases alone.

Also, 800,000 children are abducted each year in the United States of America! That’s about 2,000 each day!The next thing everyone should know, is that only 1 out of 10,000 children are reported dead. They have a very slim chance of dying if they are abducted. Therefore, people all over the world should always know these things because if something were to happen to the child, the police are able to find the child after the parent talks to police, and clarify that the child is lost.

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Next, Everyone should be aware of prevention and protection for the legal guardian. First of all, if a child is abducted, try to stay calm. This is so the legal guardian can remember things that police are going to need answers for. Understand that the police will have to ask multiple questions, just so they can be more aware of the case. If the legal guardian would just answer the work with the police officer they are in contact with, maybe the questions will be answered quickly and the child would be found sooner.

Also, they should have a photo from at least six months ago. This is so police know what the child looks like, and if the child is seen, they can recognize the child. It is very important to know these things just in so you can confirm the child under your care is safe at all times. Last but not least, everyone should need to know about the prevention and protection for the child. First thing that should be clarified, is that the child should make a huge scene and get people’s attention, that way the person abducting the child will stop and run away.

That is also because that way someone could call the cops, and the abductor would go to jail from one to four years. Next thing that people should know is that children should never go outside alone. This is so the child is not abducted, but they will return home safely. The last thing every child should know is that the child has to tell their  parent where they are going.

They should never keep the parent in the dark. That is so they know where the child is supposed to be, and if the child should not return home, they know around where the child would have been abducted. It is clear that knowing about the basic information of child abduction, the prevention, and protection for both the child and parent is very critical. 99.8% of the children who go missing do come home.

. If more people understood why this would help, less and less children would be abducted.


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