Most significant in the starting of World War 1 Essay

In this essay I am writing to justify which causes were the most significant in the starting of World War 1. WW1 started in 1914 and ended in 1918. There were many countries involved in this was but they were either in the Triple Entente or the Triple Alliance. Many people have different opinions on what started the war, but many agree that the assassination of Franz Ferdinand triggered it off (this was a short term cause). The long term causes behind this were: Militarism, Alliances, Imperialism, and Nationalism. An easy way to remember this is MAIN.

In My opinion, I believe that Alliances was a more significant cause to why the war started and how we got involved. I will be expanding more on this near to the end of this essay and I will be explaining why each four causes played a part in the War. One of the causes of WW1 is Imperialism; one of the countries during this time which wanted more colonies was Germany.

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They were jealous of Britain, as they had the largest Empire. For years there had been records of Germany doubling their army in a period of 4 years and Britain was always suspicious of Germany.The announcement of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination just gave them an excuse to get straight into war (they had been preparing years before). Therefore because of Germany’s greed, we had various reasons to go into war, one of them being to protect their Empire. This cause is also linked into Nationalism; both of these causes have countries that feel they are the best. Another main cause for WW1 is Nationalism.

The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand was due to a gang called the ‘Black Hand’.They were a Nationalist group from Serbia which thought they tghat Franz wasn’t running Austria-Hungary right and that their country was better. If they did not want to rule themselves and thoght they were better than everyone, then they wouldn’t of had the thought of assassinating Franz Ferdinand, which was the spark of WW1. Another cause which links in with Nationalism is Militarism, as they made large amounts of weapons- this was because they thought they were superior. As I have mentioned, another long-term cause for the beginning of WW1 is Militarism and the Arms Race.

In 1906 Britain made the famous ship HMS Dreadnought, so Germany decided to make a similar battleship. Also, as I’ve said before, between 1870 up until the start of WW1, Germany’s armies highly increased. This caused World War 1 because it caused a lot of tension, competition and suspicion in Europe between the countries. They feared attack on their Empires and couldn’t trust one another. When they started to take precautions and couldn’t trust each other, they started to make alliances with other countries so they knew who and who they couldn’t trust; this is my nex6t and final main cause of WW1.

An alliance is an agreement with another country to ensure they will help you if you enter a war (and vice versa). In 1882, Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy formed the Triple Alliance, and soon after this, Britain, France and Russia made an agreement and formed the Triple Entente. This caused the war as Franz Ferdinand, an Austian, was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, who was a Serbian. Austia therefore declared a feud on Serbia, and because of all of these agreements, Germany helped Austria, and Russia and France helped Serbia.This meant that Britain had to get involved because of the promises made in the Triple Entente. This was how it turned into a World War.

If there was no agreements ther wouldn’t have been a domino affect and Britain wouldn’t of had to go into war. In conclusion,. I belive that Alliances and agreements between certain countries was the most important cause; if there were no alliances, tyhe conflict would have just been between Austia and Serbia. No other counties would have been involved, making it just a fued and not a World War.


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