Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Most Cold Blooded Son Criminology Essay

Most Cold Blooded Son Criminology Essay

There are multiple definitions of consecutive slaying that have been used in assorted environments.

While these definitions do hold commonalties, they do be given to differ on specific demands such as figure of slayings, motive and temporal facets.Previous definitions required a certain figure of slayings, changing between Numberss 2 – 10. This demand distinguished consecutive slaying from other classs of slaying.

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They besides required a cooling-down period. This interruption in clip was of import to separate between mass slaying and consecutive slaying.In general mass slaying is described to be a figure of slayings that happen in a individual incident, normally with no typical clip period between slayings.In 1998 a jurisprudence had been passed by the United States Congress, titled: Protection of kids from Sexual Predator Act of 1998 ( Title 18, United States Code, Chapter 51, and Section 1111 )This jurisprudence includes a definition of consecutive killing/serial slaying:“ The term ‘serial violent deaths ‘ means a series of three or more violent deaths, non less than one of which was committed within the United States, holding common features such as to propose the sensible possibility that the offenses were committed by the same histrion or histrions ” ( fbi.gov )Even though this definition is provided, it is a limited 1.

The intent of the definition was to put some signifier of standards, it was non intended for a generic usage or meant to be a generic definition of consecutive slaying.It was agreed that there were to be a figure of similar factors to be included in the definition. These include:One or more wrongdoersTwo or more slaying victimsIncidents occur in separate events, at different timesTime period between slayings separate this slaying from mass slayingA combination of these thoughts allowed them to come up with the undermentioned definition:“ Consecutive Murder: The improper violent death of two or more victims by the same wrongdoer ( s ) in separate events. ” ( fbi.gov )


In Consecutive liquidators and their Victims writer Eric. W Hickey topographic points focus on the assorted myths environing consecutive slayers as to whom they are:They are all whiteOne in 5 consecutive slayers is blackMaleAbout 17 % are femaleInsaneInsanity is a legal term and really few wrongdoers are lawfully insaneAll of them are lust slayersMany instances have the subject of sexual force, nevertheless there have been a figure of instances that have no relation to sexual assault, anguish or sexual mutilationHave committed tonss of slayingsThere have been instances of high organic structure counts but most kill under 10 victimsThey kill entirelyOne in four instances have shown marks of holding an confederateThey are all really intelligentMost are of mean intelligenceHave been sexually abused as a kidMany putting to death as a consequence of forsaking and rejection since their childhood old ages.Pg 189

Types of Serial Murder

Holmes and DeBurger ( 1988, pp 55-60 ) have distinguished between four characteristic types of consecutive liquidators and examined the possible motivations behind the offense. The formation of their thoughts is based on the premise that the offenses are about ever psychogenetic.

The 2nd would be that the motivations are something that merely the liquidator can appreciate because the thought seems right to their ain heads. The concluding premise is that perpetrating the offenses are psychologically honoring to the slayer even though they may profit materially.

The airy type – These liquidators kill harmonizing to the voices that command them to make so. They are frequently believed to be enduring from some signifier of psychosis.

Mission-Oriented type – These wrongdoers profoundly believe that it is their life intent to snuff out a certain group of people.

Hedonistic type – more normally known as the bang searchers.

A sub class of this would be the “ Lust Murderers ”

Power or Control Oriented type – the beginning of pleasance is derived from being in control and ruling the victims

( Holmes, R. M. , and J. DeBurger ( 1988 ) . Consecutive Murder. Newbury Park, CA: Sage. )

Creation of a consecutive slayer

There is ever the inquiry of how the consecutive slayer came to be. It is about like any other individual ‘s development, their personalities are moulded from:Experiences in childhoodUpbringingEconomic positionThese factors are merely a few illustrations as to what drives a individual ‘s personality to go aberrant in nature.

There is besides a focal point on pigeonholing and how it will impact the mind of a individual. It was found that stereotyped labelling of a individual makes them experience as if though they are an foreigner and rejected. Thus the demand for credence and attending.“ Resentment brought approximately as a consequence of such rejection is often repressed by those who subsequently commit slaying.

Repression frequently becomes a form of behavior go forthing small demand for release of choler. Upon making maturity, the person who therefore far has adequately repressed fury since childhood may happen himself in state of affairss where he is unable to stamp down hostile feelings. “ ( Consecutive liquidators and their victims )

Personality Traits

Consecutive slayers differ in several ways.

Their motives for killing do hold commonalties nevertheless the ways in which they kill differ from each other. With every victim they are uncovering a piece of their personalities which allows research workers to profile them. These traits point to major personality upsets, more specifically these traits tend to be consistent with that of psychopathologic personality upset.The traits found to be present are as follows:Superficial appealAbility to be a pathological prevaricatorAdept operatorsImpulsiveIrresponsibleAnti-socialLack of compunction or guilt towards their actionsEven though these traits are present it was found that non all violent wrongdoers are sociopaths and non all sociopaths are violent wrongdoers. ( fbi.gov )Merely the thought of a psychopathologic personality does non do the offender a consecutive slayer.It was found that consecutive slayers have a demand for attending and enjoy acknowledgment for their abilities and tend to enjoy in congratulations.

In Journal of Abnormal Psychology 1991, Vol. 100, No 3,391-398 article compiled by Robert D. Hare, Stephen D. Hart, and Timothy J. Harpur they focused on the many symptoms of anti-social personality upset.

They had found similarities in the backgrounds of consecutive slayers such as their early behavioral jobs and juvenile delinquency.Another commonalty found in consecutive slayers is their inability to maintain long permanent marital or intimate relationships. It is because of their aberrant sexual phantasies that become more demanding as clip goes on that they remain disgruntled with their current life and seek amusement in their victims.Recent surveies have found instances of Identity Dissociative Disorders.

In the instance of Kenneth Bianchi ( the Hillside Strangler ) , while under hypnosis revealed that he had another personality that he had named Steve Walker. There was Ken, a loving male parent and overall responsible citizen and on the other manus there was Steve, the cold and barbarous liquidator. It was so Dr. Martin Orne from Department of Psychiatry of the University of Pennsylvania Medical School was brought in to analyze Bianchi, to look into that he was non forging his other personalities. Before puting Bianchi under hypnosis Orne had mentioned that it was rare for people with dissociative upsets to hold merely two personalities.

Moments after he had been placed under hypnosis was the birth of another personality named Billy.There was oppugning of this behavior by many. Further probe had proven that he was in fact utilizing a name from an academic book that Bianchi had stolen and so altered.

( Consecutive Murderers and their Victims, pg 65 )

Possible Motivations

There is a changeless concern about what motivates a consecutive slayer to slaying persons and many have found merely theories. These include:AngerThe wrongdoer displays a fury towards a subgroup or the population as a whole.Need for powerThe wrongdoer has a demand for a electrifying experience and feels a sense of authorization when commanding the victim. The demand to hold the upper manus becomes an habit-forming feeling and the demand for domination over others grows with each victim.PsychosisThe wrongdoer may be enduring from a terrible mental unwellness that includes hallucinations and assorted types of psychotic beliefsSexual aberranceViolence and lust tend to be interwoven with each other.Political orientationSome believe that what they are making is a assisting manus to society.

There are many illustrations of consecutive slayers aiming cocottes and saying that they were nil more than “ trash of the Earth ”Even though there are motives for the offense, it is still excessively complex a offense to trap onto a individual motive. There are opportunities that motives change with each victim or there could be more than a individual motive that leads to their exploitation.Merely because research workers have a motive for the offense it does non needfully intend that it will assist them place the wrongdoer.


Victims of consecutive slaying are selected by:HandinessThe life style that the victim is involved in and how accessible the victim is for the offense.VulnerabilityRefers to how easy the victim can be taken advantage of. The more stray the individual is the more likely they are to go a mark of a consecutive slayer. This is one of the grounds why adult females are attacked so often and are attacked when they are entirely instead than when they are in a group of people.Ted Bundy lured his victims by portraying a adult male in demand of aid and faked hurts by have oning dramatis personaes either on his arm or leg.

DesirabilityThis is related to traits that make the single attractive to the wrongdoer e.g. physical traits.In the instance of Ted Bundy, during the spring and summer of 1974, it was found that all his victims were Caucasic, slender, individual ; have oning slacks at the clip of their disappearing and had long hair that was parted in the Centre.In 2004 a survey done by Kraemer, Lord and Heilbrun. In their survey was a comparing of 157 serial-homicide discourtesies to a control group of individual homicide discourtesies. It was found that serial-homicide discourtesies were targeted towards more adult females than work forces and kill more aliens than household and friends.It was found that consecutive liquidators are more likely to be sexually motivated when they killed.

Their findings have proven that each consecutive liquidator has a distinguishable standard, motives and sexual involvements that set them apart from other types of liquidators. ( Consecutive liquidators and their victims page 280 )There is now a new and distressing tendency that is being found with consecutive liquidators between 1975 and 2004. This new tendency refers to the targeting of the aged.

With the increasing figure of the aged in nursing places and the lifting demand for place attention may pull persons that have “ an angel of mercy/death ” phantasy.This phantasy motivates slayers to hold a nurtured hate for the aged or have a demand to be recognized as person of import. ( consecutive liquidators and their victims pg 287 )


Consecutive slaying refers to the slaying of two or more people in separate occasions. There are different grounds that they turn to slay, runing from childhood injuries such as sexual maltreatment to rejection by fellow equals and being made to experience like an foreigner. Their demand to reconstruct balance to their universe as a confident individual who is portion of society, drives them to do the determination to take the life of another.

The judicious feeling of power over another human going habit-forming like a drug, the slayer necessitating another hole every bit shortly as the feeling wore away. Their victims have no set standards sing race, faith or gender, their motives are non set in rock. Each liquidator has a different position as to why they committed the offense.