Moshe Katzay scandal Essay

Introduction:This paper talks about the political dirt of Moshe Katzav, and the political effects that the dirt created in Israel. This paper besides examines the mode, in which the media covered the dirt, and whether the authorities censored the media.

To run into the aims of this paper, the research worker will explicate who Moshe Katzav was, and thenceforth the research worker will analyse the construction of the Israeli authorities. After this, the research worker will depict the dirt, supplying a deep analysis of the political dirt. During this analysis, the research worker will supply some of his ideas. The research worker will so travel into analysing how the media covered this dirt. This paper will so give a comparing of the media coverage of political dirts in other democratic states, such as France, US, UK, Italy, and Germany. The research worker will so place the actions that the authorities took during this period, and the grounds, after which the research worker will give some declarations on how the authorities would hold made this state of affairs better.

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Moshe Katzav:Moshe Katzav is an Israeli politician, and he was born in 1945, December. The state of the birth of Moshe Katzav is Iran, but he travelled to Israel in 1951, and lived under an immigrant collapsible shelter. Mose Katzav was the first born in his household that comprised of eight kids. Mose Katzav is a extremely educated single, keeping a station alumnus making from the University of Hebrew ( East and Thomas, 2003 ) . At the age of 24 old ages, Mose Katzav married Gila Katzav, and together they have produced five kids. In the same twelvemonth, he was able to fall in the Likud party, and at that place after going a city manager of Kiryat Mal’akhi. In 1977, Moshe Katzav go a member of the Knesset, and in 2000, he became the president of Israel, keeping office between 2000, to 2007. It is of import to understand that Moshe Katzav was the 8Thursdaypresident of Israel.

It is of import to understand that Israel has a president, who is ceremonial in nature and a premier curates who holds executive power in Israel ( East and Thomas, 2003 ) .Administration Structure:The administration construction of Israel is democratic in nature. It is of import to denote that the premier curate of Israel is elected by Knesset, and it is this establishment that holds legislative power in Israel ( East and Thomas, 2003 ) . Israel is one of the few states in the universe that does non hold a fundamental law, but it relies on basic Torahs, initiated by Knesset for administration.

On this footing, the Knesset is a really of import establishment in Israel, since it determines the policies that the executive novices, and implements.The Scandal:The Moshe Katzav dirt is a sexual dirt that led to the ruin of the 8Thursdaypresident of Israel. Under this dirt, president Katsav was charged with ravishing female workers, who were assigned to work for him. For intents of come ining into a supplication deal, president Katsav resigned in the twelvemonth 2007, but subsequently on decided to alter his supplication. In this dirt president Moshe Katzav was found guilty of ravishing a adult female, when he was functioning as a curate of touristry between 1996, to 1999. Mr.

Katsav was besides convicted of sexual torment, and indecorous assault of two female employees who were working for him at his presidential abode in Jerusalem. Apart from functioning the seven old ages in gaol, the tribunal ruled that president Katsav was to pay a compensation of 250,000 and 100,000 boodles to the victims of colza, and indecorous assault ( Doron, 2010 ) . President Katsav continuously argues that he is guiltless, and he accused the prosecuting officers of being unfair and biased against him. This dirt started after President Katsav made a complain to the lawyer general of Israel that one of his former employees was blackjacking him ( Doron, 2010 ) . That is in the twelvemonth 2006, and the lawyer general decided to follow the instance and do an probe sing the affair. This made the employee under consideration to kick of colza, against the president. This employee is ever referred to as Plaintiff A, in the Israeli imperativeness.Political Effectss:This dirt had a great impact on the Israeli political environment.

First of wholly, this dirt had a corrupting consequence on the citizens of Israel. This is because the ceremonial leader of Israel was accused of colza, and the presidential term is a symbol of moral authorization. In fact, Benjamin Netanyahu, the so premier curate of Israel denotes that the dirt represented a sad twenty-four hours for Israel. It is sad in the sense that the country’s president is guilty of colza, which is a flagitious offense, and it is a good thing for Israel in the sense that justness occurred for the victims of the colza ( Doron, 2010 ) .

This was a symbol that the Israeli judicial system is merely and just. It is further of import to denote that the Israelis were non happy with this dirt, and this is because the presidential term is an office that unifies the full state, and it is hence an office that is above political relations.On this footing, these accusals were really black to the citizens of Israel. This was further accelerated in the mode in which the Israelis were compared in the media, i.e.

the sketch in the media was able to portray the Israelis as rapers. The supplication deal in which the president entered with prosecuting officers did non bode good with the populace ( Doron, 2010 ) . This is because about 20,000 vernal people went to streets demanding that justness be carried out, while adult females militants on the other manus accused the system of prefering high graded authorities functionaries. The strong belief of the former president is besides a symbol that the nature of Israeli democratic system, whereby leaders are held accountable for their activities while in office. On this footing, the rule of equality within the jurisprudence was clearly demonstrated in Israel. This dirt besides led to the ruin of the authorities of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. Mr. Olmert was later on charged for an offense of graft, and this is because he received 190,000 dollars as payoff, in a belongings development instance ( Doron, 2010 ) .

Media Coverage:The media played a great function in capturing this dirt, and speed uping the autumn of Mr. Moshe Katsav. It is of import to denote that the Israeli media was able to capture this dirt, from its beginning, to the terminal of the dirt. However, the Israeli authorities was giving information to the media in bantam spots, because the test was held under closed door. The ground given by this action of the authorities is that the person involved was a high ranking Israeli, and openly covering the test will ensue to the loss of unity to the office of the presidential term ( Doron, 2010 ) . It is of import to denote that a political dirt can merely be unearthed in a democracy, and this is because the media is free from censoring and authorities ordinance.

In every bit much as the authorities was baning some information, the Israeli media played a great function in covering this test. In fact, it is the information provided by the Israeli media refering the supplication deal entered by the president that angered vernal citizens of Israel. On this footing, without the coverage of the media, opportunities are high that Moshe Katsav would hold escaped justness ( Doron, 2010 ) .It is besides of import to denote that the international media played a great function in having the test and subsequent strong belief of the Moshe Katsav.

International media houses such as Russia Today, BBC, France 24, the Guardian greatly reported on this dirt, and the word Katsav was greatly searched in the societal media. Democratic states usually allow international and local media to cover any facet of importance to the populace( CQ PRESS, 2008 ). States such as United Kingdom, Germany, and United States have a really vivacious media, and that is because of the nature of their democratic political system. Take for case in Italy, where the Italian imperativeness covered significantly the minor harlotry dirt of the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi. This media coverage made the premier curate to vacate, stoping his political calling ( Pirani, 2010 ) .The Italian media was widely obsessed with this dirt, and it dedicated a batch of attempts to cover every spot of this political dirt.

The nature of the Italian democratic system allows a free flow of information, and on this footing the Italian imperativeness could give any mortifying information it had uncovered refering this dirt ( Schott, Lovejoy and Schott, 2008 ) . In United States, one of the celebrated political dirts is the Eliot Spitzer dirt. Eliot Spitzer was the governor of New York, and he was reportedly accused on being involved in a harlotry ring between 2007, and 2008. This dirt was widely reported by the media, and Mr. Eliot was forced to stand down every bit governor, or face impeachment.

How Democracies Deal with Political Scandals:On most occasions, democracies usually require those accused in a dirt to vacate. For case in Israel, the Knesset forced Mr. Moshe Katsav to vacate. Members of Moshe’s party, Likud supported protests against the president, and members of the Mertz party threatened to boycott all his parliamentary references ( LeI?vy-Willard, 2007 ) . Most democracies usually impeach, and prosecute the people involved in the dirts. This was the instance with President Clinton, during the Monica Lewinsky saga, Prime Minister Berlusconi of Italy, etc. The ground of this action is that the political leaders are ever accountable for their actions when they are in office.

How the Government should hold handled the state of affairs:The authorities of Israel should hold allowed a broad coverage of this test, as opposed to a closed door test. Mr. Moshe was an of import figure in the Israeli authorities, and on this footing, the test would hold served as a warning and an illustration to leaders who are mistreating their office ( Pirani, 2010 ) . The plaintiff on the other manus, would hold acted as an illustration of a victim who was able to interrupt her silence, and accuse a canonized figure for colza.Decision:In decision, this political dirt was a black, and ensuing to an terminal of the political calling of President Moshe Katsav.

In every bit much as the authorities censored some information, the media was able to actively describe this dirt, and this is because of the democratic nature of the Israeli authorities. It is hence right to denote that for democracy to predominate in any given province, there must be a free flow of information. This means that the media must be independent from the control of the authorities.Bibliography:Doron, G. ( 2010 ) .

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