Morton Salt Essay

“No one knows Salt like we do”. Morton Salt generates a never-ending supply of new products in covering all possibilities where salt can be used and is not focusing on only one type of salt e. g.

Culinary Salt. During over 160 year’s history, Morton Salt never stopped developing new salt products and finding new niche markets. Salt is not seen as a mundane product that is only used to salt e. g. food but even more as science. Morton Salt is presenting on his website how various salt can be, offers many interesting facts about salt in general and why it is the best decision to buy “Morton Salt”.Besides their huge range of various salt products, they are not simply selling their products. Every kind of product, if it is “Culinary Salt”, “Home Ice Melters” or “Water Softening Salt” is offered in connection with insider information, tips for usage and the opportunity to find the perfect kind of salt.

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On their interactive website customers have the chance to compare different kinds of salt, find information about the different fields of application and to use receipts for special dishes.Morton Salt tries to show their customers how unique salts can be and never stops developing new salt variations for their niche markets. Besides huge range of Salt products for consumer customers, Morton Salt offers also various kinds of Salt products for Business Customers e. g. “Feed Mixing Salt” and “Pharmaceutical Salt”. With these different niche market products, Morton Salt gets the opportunity to develop salt further.Even though Salt is seen as a mundane product, Morton Salt found strategies to continue developing and to sell their products not only as simply salt but also rather as a product that is very special and unique.

But Morton Salt is not only developing different kinds of salt but is also working on new packaging-possibilities. All in all Morton Salt found a way to develop Salt products that follows their customer and does not search for customers. With a lot of Creativity and good strategies Morton Salt developed a good way generating a never-ending supply of new products.


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