More Men are Claiming Sexual Harassment Essay

AbstractThis paper is an overview of an article that was written in 2007 about men and sexual harassment.  The article in summary was outlining the growing number of men that report sexual harassment each year.  The reporting of sexual harassment is not based on sexual preference, whether they are straight, bi-sexual or gay.

 More Men are Claiming Sexual Harassment 3More men are Claiming Sexual Harassment     Numerous articles and statistics show that more men are reporting sexual harassment each year and the reason is that it is not something to be ashamed of.  When we look at the positions that men have held and been in, that is the reason why it was frowned on or discouraged when men reported sexual harassment.  A man felt ashamed or thought he would be teased if he said anything about sexual harassment, because his other male counterparts would tell him that he was soft.     The article states that most men who file a sexual harassment claim report that they were harassed by males and not females.  Their sexual orientation had nothing to do with it and most of the men were not gay.  People feel that if a man is gay that this gives them a right to harass them, but this is a form of sexual harassment.  There are no laws in place that protect against same sex harassment, but some states have statutes in place to prevent these things from happening.

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     My job is predominately a male work environment, so with me being a woman I have to be strong in my beliefs.  I am a supervisor of nineteen soldiers and sixteen of them are men.  When you are a female in the Army, men sometimes think it is alright to sayMore Men are Claiming Sexual Harassment 4certain things.

  Soldiers have said some inappropriate things to me, but I make sure to let them know that it is not right.  The reason why things are said or done when it comes to sexual harassment is that we allow it to happen, by not saying that it is inappropriate.  In relations to the article it says that more women are holding higher positions over men and then it goes to the point that men are reporting sexual harassment due to their ego, because they feel that they should be in charge and not the woman.     When it comes to women in the Army, I see some women that use their sex as a way to get the men to do their job.  This is a form of sexual harassment because she is flirting with them to get something accomplished.  It does not matter what sex a person is, if it is your job, get it done.  With me being a female supervisor, I am more aware of what I say, do or act because I want to ensure that I never sexual harass any soldier.

     In every corporation there are many training classes and updates on sexual harassment.  If every person took pride in educating themselves on the facts of sexual harassment, the work place could actually evolve into a user friendly environment.  With the continuing of corporations focusing on prevention of sexualMore Men are Claiming Sexual Harassment 5harassment, all people should understand that sexual orientation does not qualify for sexual harassment.     In conclusion this article put emphasis on the fact that more men harass men, but with more women becoming the boss, it will probably shift to more women sexual harassing the men.

  Sexual harassment is something that people think is right to do until we make sure to tell them that it is not tolerated in our workplace. 


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