Moral Ethics in Healthcare Essay

Code of Ethics for Nurses Reflectio The American Nurses Association (ANA) Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretative Statements is an excellent resource to aid individuals in the nursing profession in ethical decision making.

Individuals who are in the profession of nursing are continually challenged having to making difficult and complex decisions. When such situations arise and nurses have to make ethic decisions in regards to patient care the Code of Ethics for Nurses aids in moral thinking.It provides nurses with the tools necessary for dealing with morally difficult situations. Nurse can only use the Code of Ethics as moral guide to the profession it is still up the individual to make independent decisions regarding patient care. After reviewing the Code of Ethics for Nurses the key concepts identified were rights, autonomy, beneficence, nonmalfience, and justice. The nurses’ ability to understand such concepts in both professional practice and personally can assist in difficult decisions.

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The nurse has a primary professional responsibility to the people under her care.The hierarchy of principles defiantly focuses on patient care but also those involved in the care and treatment of patient. Nurses need to provide an environment that in which patient rights, values, customs, and spiritual beliefs are respected. Patients need to be informed and provided with sufficient information to assist in their own decision making. Regardless of the individuals decision in terms of their care the concept of autonomy gives them the right to make their own choices which leads to the need for informed concept.

Beneficence and nonmalfience are concepts that directly relate to patient care. Actions of the professional nurse must be beneficial and aid in the care of patients. The nurse must prevent all intentional harm to patient. She has on obligation to report any unsafe, illegal, or unsafe practices by any person. Justice or social justice refers to the obligation to be fair to all people. Economic health care decisions need to be based on the number of patients that would benefit.


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