Montage Essay

MONTAGE1. Shot length is the duration of the shot between edits and shot distance which is the distance from the camera to the actor. In a Griffith last minute rescue, shot length would change as the rescue scene moved to the end through the manipulation in the pace of the edits and by using a variety of camera perspectives including panoramas, full shots, medium shots and close ups.2. Long shot holds when the camera sees things as if they are located in far distance.

It is used in the panorama of scene. Closer shots make the actors appear more subtle in their performances.3. Parallel editing refers to the act of using fades and irises and crosscuts back and forth between different scenes and actions happening at the same time.4. Intolerance was the American film which used parallel editing which later fascinated the Russians. It was created by Griffith.5.

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Kuleshov effect is the act of giving different meanings and reactions towards a certain single and similar facial expression of an individual towards something or someone he is paying attention to. As given example in the clip, a smile of an old man can mean different things- depending on situations he is showing a reaction to through that particular smile. His smile when he sees a mother and a baby in the park can imply that he is a very manly responsible man to his family.

But a smile when he sees a lady in a bikini can imply he is a dirty old man. In other words, kuleshov effect lies entirely on the individual who is going to be reacted upon through his facial expressions. Remember that no two people have exactly the same thoughts.6.

 It can add spice and thrill to a particular scene.

17.18. Type casting holds when the looks and appearances of the characters fit the roles they are playing.19. a.

The suspense was triggered with expression of the man and the sound effect used.     b. It created its energy through the effective act and expression the man exerted.20. Religious belief dominated and affected much the decision of the men whether they should really execute those sailors who rebelled against the leadership. As an old man holding a cross on his hands came to the picture, a more effective scene was projected. As if that old religious and righteous man behind blew good words and influence to the conscience of the officers. More so an appropriate and effective sound effect was used which made the story telling more victorious.

21. Tonal montage was used in the scene when the people of Odessa come to pay respect to the dead sailor who was the first to sound the rebellion cry. The shots were taken effectively that they were able to capture the emotions of the audience. 


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