Models of Organizatonal Structure focusing on Functional structure Essay

Assuming that you want to set up an event direction company. Identify the signifier of organisation construction that you would use for your new company and warrant your replies.


Organizational construction contains activities such as coordination, supervising and undertaking allotment, which are directed towards all accomplishment aimed by an organisation. It can besides be considered as the sing glass or position through which persons see their environment and the organisation.Most likely there are many organisations that have graded constructions, but non all companies do follow the scaling stairss. Most organisations are with discrepancies of collected entities. Different organisations have different discrepancies of collected entities.An organisation can be structured in different other ways. It all depends on their aims. The construction of the organisation would find the manners in which it performs and operates.

An organisational construction allows the uttered distribution of duties for different procedures and maps to assorted and different units such as the section, workgroup, subdivision, and single.All organisational construction does impact any organisational actions in chiefly two large ways. First, an organisational construction provides foundation on which standard modus operandis remainder and operating processs. Second, the organisational construction determines which persons get to make which particular decision-making procedures, and besides to extent their positions in determining the organisations work actions.

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Types of Organizational Structure

1.2.1 Bureaucratic construction

Bureaucratic constructions have their certain class of standardisation.

They are more suitable for larger graduated table or more complex organisations. They normally have a really tall construction. Then strain between non-bureaucratic and bureaucratic constructions is reverberated in Burns and Stalker differentiation between organic and mechanistic constructions. It is non the full thing about bureaucratic construction.

It is really much composite and utile for graded structured organisation, largely and chiefly in tall organisations. The other manner of understanding the features of bureaucratism construction are a graded construction, a clear defined duties and functions, besides a regard for virtue.

1.2.2 Functional construction

All employees within the functional divisions of an organisation are frequently to execute a specified set of undertakings, for illustration in the technology section ; there would be a specified group of applied scientists that would be staffed.

For illustration, they could be staffed with package applied scientists. This could take to a deficiency of communicating between the functional groups within the organisation. This would do the organisation really inflexible and slow.

A functional organisation is best suited for manufacturer of standardised services and goods at big volume at low cost. Specialization and coordination of undertakings are usually centralized in the functional construction, which makes it to bring forth a limited sum of services or merchandises expectable and efficient. Efficiencies can be realized as functional organisations integrate their activities vertically so that merchandises those are distributed and sold rapidly at low cost. A little concern could get down doing the mechanisms it requires for production of their merchandises alternatively of merely securing the merchandise from an external organisation.

It is non merely good for an organisation ; it is besides good for the employeeaa‚¬a„?s religions

1.2.3 Divisional Structure

This is besides known as a “ merchandise construction ” , the divisional or merchandise construction divides every organisational map into different division.

Each and division within the divisional construction consist of all the necessary maps resources and within it. Divisions are categorized in different points of position. One might do differentiations on a merchandise footing /service footing or on geographical. Different merchandises for different clients: families or companies. Another good illustration is an car company ; they have different division such as a division for the four heel thrust, a division for saloon auto, a division for compact autos and more. Each division might hold their ain gross revenues, selling and technology sections.


4 Matrix construction

The matrix construction gathers employees by both merchandise and map. This construction combines the best of both separate constructions. A matrix organisation usually uses groups of employees to finish any work, this is to do up for the failings, every bit good as to take advantage of the strengths, of the decentralized and functional signifiers. For illustration a company produces two merchandises, “ merchandise A ” and “ merchandise B ” . Product A would hold different and assorted sections, merchandise B would hold the exact same construction and sections as the merchandise A.

Matrix construction is the purest of all the organisational constructions, it is the most simple construction in emulating the companies presentation.

1.3 Type of Company

This company organizes parties. It is a party contriver company. This company plans all kinds of parties in any jubilation. For illustration the organisation does organize parties for nuptials, birthdays, and many other maps in schools, companies and more.

This company provides catering service excessively. Cleaning service after any map or ceremonial is provided if this company had managed the event.Event direction is the application of undertaking direction to the development and creative activity of events, conferences, and festivals. Event direction includes analyzing the inside informations of the trade name, placing the aims of the audience, be aftering the construct of the event, be aftering the logistics and forming the proficient characteristics before really seeking to put to death the modes of the planned event.The events that this company does are ; doing games in a birthday party.

For illustration, for a childaa‚¬a„?s birthday party that is 12 old ages and below, we provide them with buffoons, prestidigitators, and simple events such as musical chairs for the childs. For birthday party of the grownups, 16th birthday would be a great illustration, this company provides disc jockey ( DJ ) to hold some music, this company provides the province of the art illuming service, and more. For parties that this company plans for a nuptials is little games for the groom and the bridegroom.

These games are chosen by our clients. The games that we provide are non merely for the groom and bride groom but it is besides for the people who attends the nuptials ceremonial.

1.4 Functional Structure

The organisational construction that had been chosen for this company is the divisional construction.

This is because this construction has the simplest signifier of forming people into different sections to fix the necessary demands in the organisation. The chief ground of taking this construction is that we could split groups of people into section. For illustration ; a group of people will be on the in the lighting section, a group of people will be in the music section, a group of people will be in the cleansing section and many more.

1.4.1 Advantages:

The advantage of holding this construction is that the director or the foreman of this organisation can easy see the procedure of web of the people working under them.

It is easy to form people in this construction in order to do things go on. It is besides easy to command the employees or workers in this signifier.

1.4.2 Disadvantages:

The disadvantages are that if the company does non hold adequate workers the organisation has to happen for new fresh workers. The directors can non merely travel employees from section A into another section B. This is because section A would be missing of workers to complete work on clip.

1.5 Illustration of Functional Structure

Foreman ( agreement )Foreman ( cleaning section )Foreman ( music )Foreman ( illuming )Site AgentMaterial BuyingWork Scheduling OfficeUndertaking ManagerUndertaking ManagerUndertaking ManagerFinance DirectorForces DirectorSite Operation DirectorMarketing DirectorPull offing manager

1.6 Decision

This construction Is truly the best for all event pull offing companies. This construction helps a batch in spliting groups in assorted sorts of sections and doing it so easy for the directors to pull off the advancement really swimmingly without any job.The fright of confronting the failing of this company is sometimes really terrific and it would non be as terrifying at times. The terrorizing minute of failing is when the company Is deficiency of workers at the last minute. that is truly a bad intelligence for this sort of organisational construction.


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