Mode of Transportation Essay

Mode of Transportation            In the different field of social process and development, unfortunate incidences both unexpected and uncontrollable do occur causing detrimental consequences for the different people involved in the said circumstance.

In particular to this concern, unfortunate incidences of accident are common in the aspect of transportation caused by numerous factors yet all evidently detrimental and dangerous to the involved people. Numerous factors are involved in transportation accident such as human error, machine fault, environmental condition, collision, and others thus, it is crucially necessary to channel efforts and resources in preventing these dangerous incidences.            In the aspect of accident prevention in the field of transportation, critical analysis considering the prevalence and risk percentage in the different in every transport medium is important to determine the best and effective approach and strategy for the realization of the said concern (Shinar, 2007) . Considering the condition of each transportation medium and field will reveal the significant factors and concepts relevant in successfully alleviating the problem of transportation accidents. On analyzing the condition and situation of the transportation field, the factors of accident occurrences and the population at risks should be consider thus, determining the prevalence ratio and percentage of accident occurrences.

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            On the application of the said concept, acting upon the interest of accident prevention, developing a strategy based upon the report of the Office of Transportation Safety is indeed significant to the effectiveness of the said interest. Based on the report, the highest accident risk comes from motorcycles followed by automobiles and last is the airplane medium. Considerably, occurrences of motorcycle accidents become highest with 30% as the vehicle itself is prone on numerous factors such as weather condition, driving nature, and others compare to automobiles with their hull protection and the airplanes with their bulk integrity.

In addition, motorcycle transportation is likewise risky due to its size and behavior of its driver.  Based also on the report, automobile transportation has the highest driver population of 100,000 making the risk factor on this medium also high eventhough the accident rate in this group of 10% is significantly lower than motorcycle transport. In application of these findings, accident prevention strategies and approaches must be developed of the interest of alleviating risk factor percentage and the driver population.            On the interest of health education and accident prevention strategies, strategies should be mainly focused on the motorcycle transportation medium such as developing safety training and education program, legislative approaches such as mandating rules and regulations for safety measures, and transforming the road system to be inclusive and motorcycle priorities. However though, having the highest population at risk, automobile transportation should not also be neglected in the safety program thus, interest for the said field must also be made. In this aspect, enhancing the mandatory safety training should could significantly improve the knowledge in road safety for the motorist. Also, channeling funds for the development of road signs and traffic facilities are also beneficial to the general concern of promoting safety in land transport. Producing mass media information campaign can also enhance awareness and knowledge regarding road rules and safety measures (Nygren et al, 2000).

For airplane transport, safety education campaign should be directed towards effective training for the air traffic personnel namely the pilot’s expertise, air traffic management system, engineers, and the other parties to enhance their safety control over the matter. Other strategies for this concern must be realized in the development of the devices, facilities, and equipments used in air transport control thus, reducing the occurrences of human error and technical problems to significantly alleviate air transport accidences (Krause, 2003).            In general, the concern of accident safety promotion can be effectively made if developed based on the critical analysis and evaluation of the transport condition and accident circumstances. Through analyzing the condition of the transport safety, the involved committed can develop effective strategies for the promotion of transport safety, education and awareness. Considering the factors of population involved, risk occurrence, and accident incidences, effective safety strategies can made of which can the lives of the population involved for social interest.BibliographyKrause, Shari Stanford (2003). Aircraft Safety: Accident Investigations, Analyses, & Applications. McGraw-Hill Professional Publication.

ISBN-10: 0071409742.Nygren, Ake & Andersson, Ake E. & von Holst, Hans (2000). Transportation, Traffic Safety and Health. Prevention and Health: Third International Conference, Washington, U.S.A. Springer Publication.

1st Edition. ISBN-10: 3540674446.Shinar, David (2007). Traffic Safety and Human Behavior. Elsevier Science Publication. 1st Edition. ISBN-10: 0080450296. 


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