Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Mobile phones and microwaves Essay

Mobile phones and microwaves Essay

Many have debated whether the usage of nomadic phones should be allowed while others say that the utilizations of them are all right. There are many claims that the usage of nomadic phones has an consequence on worlds. Mobile phones have been a phenomena for many old ages, with about at least a high per centum of a state ‘s population having a nomadic phone. In this instance survey, I will be speaking about how the usage of nomadic phones may either benefit or injury people.

What are nomadic phones?

Mobile Telephones are long-range, electronic devices used as a agency of pass oning with other people over a web of specialised base Stationss known as cell sites. Mobile phones contain many characteristics, such as text messaging and voice naming ; now phones have many more characteristics such as picture recording, cyberspace browse, MP3 and a batch more. Mobile phones are now in high demand with a assortment of audiences that can now utilize it, runing from kids to aged grownups. In the UK, nomadic phones receive and transmit wireless frequence signals that autumn under the microwave part on the electromagnetic spectrum.


Microwaves are electromagnetic moving ridges in the electromagnetic spectrum, with wavelengths that range from 1mm to 1m, with frequences between 0.3GHz and 300GHz. They are besides used for a assortment of grounds, as a agency of communicating, such as Wireless LAN protocols and Bluetooth with frequences runing from 2.4GHz to 5GHz. Microwaves are used in warming, particularly heating nutrient, within the kitchen contraption, micro-cook oven. This is done when the microwave oven base on ballss ( non-ionising ) radiation, at a close frequence of 2.45GHz, through nutrient, which causes dielectric warming by soaking up of energy within the H2O, sugar and fats that are contained in nutrient.

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Electromagnetic Spectrum

The electromagnetic ( EM ) spectrum is the scope of electromagnetic radiation frequences. Electromagnetic radiation can be described in footings of a watercourse of photons, each traveling in a wave-like form, traveling at the velocity of visible radiation and transporting some sum of energy. The EM spectrum can be expressed in three ways: Wavelength, Energy or Frequency. A diagram of the EM spectrum is below.

Mobile Phones and Microwaves

As I said before nomadic phones receive and transmit wireless frequence ( RF ) signals that autumn under the microwave part of the EM spectrum. The RF radiation used in nomadic phones is of a low frequence ( 800-1900 Megahertz-MHz ) .

Wayss of cut downing exposure to microwaves through nomadic phones

There are many ways of minimising exposure ; doing shorter phone calls on a regular basis can assist as you are having less and a short sum of radiation. Do non utilize your nomadic phone so much ; merely use it frequently within a twenty-four hours. Hands free kits cut down exposure by cutting the sum of electromagnetic radiation come ining the encephalon.


There are many hazards of utilizing nomadic phones. Research suggests that utilizing a nomadic phone can increase the hazard of ear tumors by four times,

‘A 750-people survey by Sweden ‘s Karolinska Institute found the hazard of acoustic neuroma rose by 3.9 times on the side of the caput the phone is used. There was no addition in hazard on the other side of the caput – giving an overall rise in hazard of 1.9 times. ‘ ( 1 )

Heavy use of nomadic phones can harm a adult male ‘s sperm count and quality, as said in this batch of information: ‘Heavy cell phone usage can harm a adult male ‘s sperm count and quality, says a survey by research workers in the United States and India.

They tracked 364 work forces being evaluated for sterility. The work forces were divided into three groups, based on their sperm count, Bloomberg intelligence reported.

Among work forces whose sperm counts were within the normal scope, those who used a cell phone for more than four hours a twenty-four hours produced an norm of 66 million sperm a twenty-four hours, 23 per centum less than work forces in the same group who ne’er used cell phones.

The survey besides found that the proportion of sperm that possessed “ normal signifiers ” was 21 per centum among the heavy cell phone users, compared to 40 per centum among the work forces who did n’t utilize cell phones, Bloomberg reported. ‘ ( 2 )

A well-understood consequence of microwave radiation is dielectric warming, in which any dielectric stuff ( such as life tissue ) is heated by rotary motions of polar molecules induced by the electromagnetic field. In the instance of a individual utilizing a nomadic phone, most of the warming consequence will happen on the surface of the caput, doing it ‘s temperature to increase by a little grade. Although the encephalon ‘s blood circulation is capable of disposing of extra heat by increasing local blood flow, the cornea of the oculus does non hold this temperature ordinance mechanism and exposure to a few hours has been reported to bring forth cataracts. Microwave energy oscillates at 1000000s to one million millions of rhythms per second. The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry reports that these frequences cause malignant neoplastic disease and other diseases by interfering with cellular Deoxyribonucleic acid and its fix mechanisms. Microwave promotes rapid cell aging. Crime degrees have increased over the old ages and the usage of nomadic phones is said to be a cause for this as stealers sometimes target those with nomadic phones, it may be considered insecure to transport around your phone in field sight to everyone else.


Although there may be many hazards from utilizing nomadic phones, many benefits come out of them excessively. Mobile phones have proved to be one of the easiest and quickest signifiers of communicating. In some instances nomadic phones are critical in salvaging person ‘s life, as you use your nomadic phone to name the exigency sections to help person in demand. The usage of nomadic phones helps you stay connected with friends and household, for illustration if you are a kid and your female parent is worried about you she can phone you and see if you are alright. In add-on, nomadic phones may heighten your societal position. While there are non a batch of physical benefits to having a phone there are many other benefits such as being able to utilize the cyberspace anyplace you want, or listening to MP3 vocals wherever you want. Many phones presents come with legion characteristics that can be of usage, such as a constitutional camera, which you can us to capture minutes with friends and loved 1s.


To reason I would state that nomadic phones should non be limited. When weighing the hazards and the benefits, the hazards are slender compared to the benefits. To cut down any hazards of utilizing a nomadic phone you merely necessitate to take a few steps that are non that hard, such as utilizing a hands-free set or holding short conversations. Billions of people worldwide use nomadic phones, each individual utilizing their phone as a agency of communicating, which is a great good factor. The nomadic phone can be used to salvage a batch of lives, this is one of the most astonishing things about them. This and the grounds above is why I think that nomadic phones should non be limited.

Below is the per centum of people 16 old ages and over that has a nomadic phone, September 2001. There is a high per centum, this was 7 old ages ago, which means that this figure must hold increased.


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