Mitosis paper Essay

Mitosis            The ability to reproduce (sexual) and repair a damage tissue (asexual) is accounted to the production of cells through cell division.  There are two types of cell division: mitosis and meiosis. Mitosis is the process where in a single cell or a mother cell is equally divided into two identical cells also called as daughter cells. This process, which is also called asexual reproduction, creates cells that are responsible for the repair of the skin, hair, cheek etc. On the other hand Meiosis, also called as the sexual reproduction allows the cell to produce four identical cells. Generally this type of cell division results to the production of the eggs and the sperms.

(“Mitosis and Meiosis”).            Mitosis allows the body to produce somatic cells that help for the development and repair of injuries. All of the chromosome are copied in this phase and the replicated chromosomes are called sister chromatids, that are connected by two centromeres in the middle. When the sister chromatid separates the daughter cells are produced and a copy of the genetic codes are provided  equally to the daughter cell’s nucleus and when needed each daughter cells will replicate as well. (“Mitosis”).  In the human body there are different cells that undergo the mitosis process but at different rates and levels. The skin cells do the mitosis process continuously so that it can continuously repair and regenerate.

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Nerve cells on the other hand stop doing the division after birth while the liver cells do not normally divide but minor damages in the liver requires the cells to divide for the repair. (“Mitosis”). Unlike mitosis which produces two daughter cells during the division, meiosis is followed by two cell division producing four daughter cells.

The main purpose of meiosis is to produce the sex cells and when produced this will proceed to the process of fertilization. For mitosis, it is important that both the daughter cells have the exact copy of the chromosome from the parent, for meiosis only half of the chromosomes are given to each daughter cell. Before the daughter cells are produced, a chromosome must pair with another chromosome that have the same genes but with different alleles which are called the homologous chromosome (“Meiosis and Sexual Life Cycles”).

            Cell division is integral in the human life cycle. Meiosis enables human to produce offspring and have the characteristics that are distinct from another while the process of mitosis is essential for the growth and development of a person. Because of these each person is considered to be unique.ReferencesMitosis and Meiosis. State of Utah Office of Education. Retrieved June 19, 2008 from http://www.

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