Mistake Paper Essay

In life, you are going to mistakes, but you are not alone in this in which one makes mistakes. Everyone from the president of the United States to the student who gets on the wrong bus to school. However, it is what you learn from that mistake that outweighs the mistake itself and helps you become wiser and avoid another mishap. A mistake that I made that me become wiser was when I left my house with my uncle only to realize I had left my little brothers home alone.

The incident occurred in last November; I was seventeen and a senior at Salinas High School. It was a typical Sunday for me, watching football and I was looking forward to my next playoff game for Salinas High School. My stepfather asked me to watch my little brothers while he went to store to which I said I would. A few moments later, my uncle came to me and asked me if I wanted to get some coffee to which I also agreed to as well.I had completely forgotten about my stepfather’s request and quickly got ready to go get some coffee. Before I left, I noticed that my parent’s room was closed so I assumed that my little brothers were taking a nap with my stepfather because whenever my parent’s door is closed, most of the time it is because of that reason.

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So I then got into the car with my uncle and went to get coffee. It didn’t occur to me of my mistake until I had gotten a very upset phone call from stepfather about 25 minutes after I left for coffee.My uncle quickly rushed me to the house where truth be told I indeed left my brothers home alone. I was deeply upset with myself because I felt as if I was careless, and I felt I had abandoned my little brothers at the house.

From this experience I learned a great deal. I learned not to rush things and to pay attention to the little details in life. Because really that’s what life is about…the little things.


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