Mississippi Burning Movie Response Essay

The main theme centered on the movie, “Mississippi Burning,” has much to do racism. The movie was about two FBI agents looking for two white men and one black man who were civil rights workers.

It just so happens that they were stopped by several police officers, and other members of the town, and were murdered due to the fact that they supported racial equality. Most members of the town try to cover it up and make it seem like the three had simply left town. More proof is how the KKK is shown in the movie. Certain scenes, as well, show that the town discriminated against the African Americans.An example of this is the scene where white folks burned down all of the buildings which black peoples used for church services, and when they stood outside a church waiting for the service to e over so they could beat all of the black men, women and children. I believe that racial intolerance does still exist and is a problem in the US today. I can say this honestly because I have personally witnessed it within my own family.

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Most of the males in my family are either partially or fully prejudiced towards African Americans and/or Spanish peoples, although this has a lot to do with their own experiences as they were growing up.The same lessons and principles learned from watching Mississippi Burning can be expanded to situations involving members of other traditionally disadvantaged groups. Native Americans have gone through this type of segregation and discrimination since their first contact with the white race, and more recently we can see discrimination of gays and lesbians, since so many people are against their way of life and don’t support their decision to marry within the same gender.


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