Mission statement from the organization Essay

Studies show that nearly 5% of the total world children and adolescents suffer from mental disorders, of which very few obtain the required care, treatment and facilities. This was the reason which laid the building stone for Alliance For Mentally Ill People (AFMIP). AFMIP is offering its services since 1995 in the state London.

It is a non-profit organization working for the benefit of adults and children who suffer from mental disorders. Other than mental retardation, we also provide treatment and facilities of other mental disorders like epilepsy, autism, retardation, Narcolepsy etc.  It has 60 operating units throughout the state which provide 24-hour service.MISSION STATEMENT:Our aim is to provide utmost assistance to people who are experiencing mental disorders through treatments, education, facilities and awareness.

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We work and aspire to contribute to the healthy mental development of people and to encourage and support the already victims of fate to fight and survive in the society. Our objective is to promote all – educational, medical, spiritual and vocational services for such mentally disadvantaged people so as to enhance their well-being.SERVICES:Alliance For Mentally Ill People provides a range of services. These includeProvision of 24 hour medical facilities for the treatment of retarded population. Services of highly qualified professionals and clinicians are available here. Effective medicine and examination facilities are also available.

Low cost services are made available to families who have financial issues.Family support and residential care services are also provided. This helps the family members to take good and correct care of the retarded people. We also provide them emotional support to fight the crisis. AFMIP also guides the family members about further treatment options. Open forums are provided so that the family can sit and discus problems and obtain advice from the professionals. Counseling services are also made available. Training courses are also available for parents and care-givers.

We provide residential care and nursing services as well.The organization also works at creating awareness amongst the health professionals and decision makers about the requirement and needs of such population.Our Emergency Unit caters to the urgent needs of disadvantaged people throughout the state, irrespective of their connection with AFMIP.  With just one phone call, the whole mobile unit is made available to provide best emergency care.Our Crisis Management Unit provides treatments to the victims of uncertain natural disasters. Such may be flood, earthquakes and more which create the need of treating post trauma stress problems arising in the victims.

Our special R&A department not only conducts research, but also continually spread awareness about developing mental health and special care. Not only this, the department conducts seminars at various places to also spread awareness about the latest medical facilities and its availability.The organization also provides trainings to improve the skills of personal attendants, home care workers and nurses so that they can perform their services to their perfection.Here we also provide training and employment opportunities for the retarded people under out care.These wide range of services are available to all the people suffering from mental disorders throughout London, irrespective of age, gender, community and financial conditions.

Our professionals assess the nursing needs as well as asset and financial status so that help could be provided in accordance.STAKEHOLDERS:London Department of Health and Mental Hygiene is responsible for all the developmental disability planning of the State. The agency monitors the funding, plans and services made available to such people. AFMIP is answerable for all its acts directly to it.The State Disability Planning Council also keeps a check on the workings and distributes State funds to various welfare organizations including AFMIP.Other funds are arranged from donors and raised through charity events.AFMIP follows the laws as stated under the London Mental Hygiene acts.

For any violation, the organization is liable to the state government. Under the local government plan many surveys are made to determine the disable populations and determine the services required in connection to it.In collaboration with other welfare organizations, advocates from the local government and Red Cross, the programs are developed.AFMIP, in association with London department of Educational and Vocational services and U.K. Human resources department arrange for the education, training and job opportunities of its patients.Thus, as we can see that in London, there is a range of voluntary service providers and State owned organizations for their support.At AFMIP, meetings are conducted every three months where all the stakeholders are invited to come.

All important discussions and decisions are taken in this meeting and stakeholders are made aware of their duties and help required.Surveys are conducted on half yearly basis to take opinions from all the stakeholders about the performance of AFMIP. The recent survey conducted, concluded that almost all the stakeholders are satisfied with its workings. They appreciated how AFMIP kept them informed through its weekly publications, annual reports and direct letters. The Financing Bodies appreciated how the funds were allocated and the finance management by the organization. Most of the stakeholders thought AFMIP was undoubtedly the best performing welfare organization which provided its patients with all the latest facilities and professional guidance. The patient’s families specifically applauded the workings of its Emergency Unit saying that is was most timely and reliable in times of urgent situations.

Advocates from law enforcing agencies seemed satisfied about how AFMIP was operating within the legal parameters and appreciated how not a single complaint was registered against it in the last three years. However some thought there was a room of improvement in areas of vocational trainings and job allocations. Besides that the little rigidness of the organization was a concern brought up almost by all, which we are trying to fix.CONCLUSION:For years Alliance For Mentally Ill People has been providing its services for the mentally retarded populations and is working with honesty and determination. We aim to continue making any difference we can to the society and help the disadvantaged people in all ways we can.REFERENCES:Connecticut Council On Developmental Disabilities 2006 Stakeholder Study CSRA- University of Connecticut, May1, 2006.New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene,  http://www.nyc.gov/html/doh/html/bmrdd/bmrdd.shtml


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