Miracles: coincidence or a sign? Essay

                                        Miracles: coincidence or a sign?It cannot be fully explained by science, defies human logic, and dazzles people on every continent: crosses of light suddenly appearing in windows, a Lebanese girl sheds crystal tears, a mysterious hitchhiker gets in the car and then vanishes. These are just a few examples of what we commonly call miracles. They intrigue us, they make us wonder, “Is there something more?”The first cross of light appeared in 1988. Residents of an El Monte, CA apartment building reported seeing a cross shining through bathroom windows. Eye witness Margaret Romero reported seeing a cross of  “pale and golden light” in the window of her bathroom. The apartment manager had all the glass replaced and the crosses were still visible the following day.  Within a few days 12 more crosses appeared around the Los Angeles area. Over the course of five years, and all over the world, time and again crosses began to appear.

In 1991 the crosses reached the Philippines. Reporters of Newsday Philippines got hold of a piece of glass with a cross of light. News editor Julian V. Cruz wrote: “It was mid-afternoon.

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With a score of neon lights on and sunlight streaming through two windows, there could be no occasion for hocus-pocus. The piece of glass was set up on a box like a picture frame. It looked exactly like any other piece of frosted glass, almost opaque, one could not see through. A flashlight was pointed at it, and switched on and there appeared this even-armed cross of light seemingly within adiamond-shaped aura. Somebody placed another switched-on flashlight beside the first, and two crosses appeared. The flashlights were switched off. The crosses disappeared. They were switched on again; the crosses reappeared.

The usually boisterous newsroom was silent. The phenomenon was awe-inspiring, or, at the very least, intriguing.”A Lebanese girl had baffled doctors by producing tiny crystals from her eyes. For several months in 1996, 12-year-old Hasnah Mohamed produced tiny crystals. Although the crystals were sharp as glass, Hasnah said she felt no pain. She was at school when she felt something in her left eye–her first piece of crystal. Back home, she told her family what had happened and while she was doing so a second piece of crystal appeared in her eye.

“A few days later,” she says, “I heard someone tapping at the window, I walked to the window and there I saw a man dressed in white. He was sitting on a white horse, he smiled and called me by my name. He asked me if I would go outside and talk to him.” Hasnah went out through the front door. There stood “white knight,” as she calls him. He told her he was a messenger from God.Finally, we have the mysterious hitchhiker. He/she has appeared throughout the world, standing on the side of a busy road trying to get a ride.

This person gets into the car, he/she states “the return of Christ is imminent” and vanishes into thin air from the moving car. In one month, in 1990, a New Zealand newspaper, The Christian Challenge Weekly, received a dozen reports of “angels” taking lifts with Christians and informing them about the imminent return of Christ before mysteriously disappearing from the car. “The bloke they’ve picked up will say something like, ‘did you know the Lord is coming back?’ and that’s the only thing the fellow says,” wrote journalist Brian Finn. “Then he vanishes from the speeding car.” Two articles in New Truth, discussed the hitchhiker among a number of other possible ‘miracles’ signifying the presence of Christ in the world. ” The phenomenon has not been limited to New Zealand.

In 1991, while driving in Dallas, USA, two women picked up a hitchhiker who told them that the Christ is in the world. He then disappeared from the back of the car.Coincidence? A vivid imagination? Doubtful in my opinion. The possibility of numerous people in different countries all witnessing these miracles is highly unlikely. The question of why these thing happen is a mystery. Light crosses appearing all over the world, a child whose eyes tear crystal and the angel hitchhiker are all examples of a divine power much bigger than all of us. Maybe, one day the skeptics, atheists, and the uninformed will take note of these “miracles” and think about where they came from, and where their eternity lies.

With respect to miracles, Jesus said in John 4:48, “Unless you people see signs and wonders, you will never believe.”WORKS CITEDLavine, Mona, Pasadena Star: September, 1988Pasadena, CaV.Cruz, Julian, Newsday Philippines: August 1991PhilippinesShare International, official website of Share International Inc.Finn, Brian, New Truth Magazine January 1992New Zealand 


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