Minicase: Digital Age Essay

Although it may be argued, I feel that Shirley performed a decent job analysis on Digital Age and found out many things that could help them in the future. She researched not only Digital Age, but the entire industry as well, which helped her understand the market more fully.

However, there are a few areas that I believe could use a little work and could be approached differently. For instance, she chose to speak only with management and refrain from interaction with the sales representatives.I feel that tensions and worries would be lessened if she were to include both managers and sales representative in some of her discussions, or even talk to the representatives one-on-one to asses their opinions and concerns. She made the mistake of questioning management on what the salespeople do, when asking the representatives would probably result in better answers. Granted, management may know what the salesperson is expected to do, but the actual salespeople know what they actually do.As we look at he job description formulated by Shirley, I feel that it gives a good look at what is required of a sales representative. However, I do not feel that it gives a good description of what is required of a sales representative that Digital Age is searching for.

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In addition to the current information, I feel that it should also include salesperson travel and gaming knowledge requirements as stated by management.I would not remove anything due to the fact that you want the most detail available in a job description. As we move into the recommendations for sources of new applicants, I feel that the two recommended by Shirley are strong sources and may bring several strong recruits.

Her internal source recommendation of looking within the company at existing employees is a great strategy and may yield some good candidates. Furthermore, her argument over tech-savvy applicants being on the Internet is a strong argument.However, I feel that further measures could be taken by using other external sources other than the Internet. For instance, recruiters could visit and recruit from different schools and institutions that specialize in gaming to look for new candidates. Furthermore, advertising on television and in magazines may allow for more recruits as well.

I feel that the analysis was good in many ways, and with a few changes, the company could be on track for future success.


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