MindShift to access your camera equipment. Simply

MindShift Gear rotation180 Panorama (US$ 199.99)MindShift Gear rotation180 Panorama has an intuitive design that makes it easy to carry and access your equipment. There’s no need to disturb your creative process by taking off this backpack just to access your camera equipment. Simply pull open the integrated belt pack to quickly access your gear. Manfrotto Pro Light Bumblebee-220 PL (MB PL-B-220) Backpack ($213.19)Manfrotto’s Pro-Light is a multi-featured professional pack created to deliver the best storage, carrying and backpacking experience. It’s lightweight and protective design comes with a lot of pockets, small dividers, outer tripod attachment, a dedicated laptop section, a rain cover, and stowaway shoulder straps.

This backpack has a lot of convenient features all in a sleek design.F-Stop Lotus (~US$ 220)Picking the perfect backpack for all occasions is difficult, especially if you need a different gear for every trip. The F-Stop is part of the Mountain Series especially made for adventure and commuting. F-Stop uses extremely high-quality parts, unlike other brands.

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With its compact structure, the Lotus works is ideal choice for a crowded urban commute. The pack is 32L, which makes it a handy size for everyday or overnight use. It has back panel access for storing your camera gear safely while on the go.

Dakine Reload 30L (US$ 229.95)The front panel of the Dakine 30L can be placed flat to provide easy access to your camera gear in the main compartment. The bag has a variety of inner and outer zipped pockets for keeping smaller items tidy. It comes with a padded laptop section that can take a 17-inches laptop, while the front and rear straps can be used to carry a tripod or strap a snowboard.

It’s a great choice if you’re planning on shooting some nice shots in the snow.Vinta S-Series Travel Camera Backpack (US$ 249)The Vintage S-Series is a camera bag that is very beneficial to photographers who reside in urban areas. The pack has many features that fall in line with the needs of many photographers. This camera backpack is versatile and can be used in informal and formal situations alike.The sleek and durable design makes it useful for roaming the city streets, it’s simply perfect for the modern traveler. The pack has ample space and can securely fit your DSLR camera, up to five lenses, a laptop, and more. The laptop compartment can take a 15-inche laptop when inserted into the bag from the top.Peak Design Everyday Backpack (from US$ 259.

95)The Peak Design Everyday Backpack can adapt to your ever-changing gear, lifestyle, and work needs. The bag was manufactured by a team of engineers, designers, and photographers who understand the needs of creative and adventurous people.The innovative pack is great for both everyday and specialist use. It’s outfitted with FlexFold dividers and several pockets, you can efficiently organize your gear on the go.

The pack is expandable and comes in 20L and 30L sizes. Tamrac Anvil 27 Pro Camera Backpack (US$ 269.95)The Tamrac Anvil 27 was designed from the ground up using several enhanced materials to get a perfect balance of weight and safety.

These backpacks are tough, but lightweight thanks to the optimized materials. They come with a large main compartment intended to carry multiple professional-sized DSLR cameras with lenses attached.The Anvil backpack delivers a wide-range of great features that will keep your gear within easy reach, including a clamshell, wide-opening main compartment, a laptop section, and easily accessible exterior pockets.

You can also attach a tripod securely to the outside of the bag. A rain cover is also included to provide protection against the elements.Clik Elite Escape 2.0 Backpack (US$ 279)The Escape 2.0 is a versatile backpack that’s suitable for professional photographers who are adventurous and go where others don’t. It offers a thoughtful approach to backpacking on the go and is comfortable to carry too. The main compartment will accommodate your gear as well as a water bottle pouch that will contain a 2L bottle necessary for long hot hikes.

Clik Elite Escape 2.0 is a product that caters to professional photographers in demanding environments. Filson Photographers Backpack (US$ 299.

99)Made specially for the enthusiastic photographer, this backpack got it right on all counts. If you are concerned about your equipment, then the main compartment will settle your worries because it is divided into rectangular sections. The compartment provides intelligent and safe storage for your camera gear.

It has a hidden top zipper section that is padded and includes a laptop sleeve.If you need a camera equipment carry-on that doesn’t advertise the fact that you’re carrying expensive equipment, then this Filson backpack is a suitable and understated choice. Lowepro Pro Trekker 450 AW Camera and Laptop Backpack (US$ 379.95)Lowepro is the ultimate, lightweight but durable, expedition and hydration-ready backpack. The Lowepro Pro Trekker is a perfect and long-lasting choice for those who need to carry large equipment. The backpack comes with a flexible harness for a more customized fit, laptop sleeve, a tripod holder, front panel access with adjustable dividers, and hydration-ready side panels. It also has a removable lid and can be worn as a waist pack for carrying your essentials.

ILE Ultimate Photographers Bag-MKIII (US$ 380)An everyday pack that features a weatherproof camera compartment and flexible dividers. The ILE Ultimate Photographers Bag-MKIII has a pocket in front for quick access to items such as chargers, cables or food. It also has a padded compartment on the back that will take a 17-inch laptop. You can carry tripods and lightweight stands by using the side straps of the pack. Tamrac G Elite G32 (US$ 399.

95)The Tamrac G Elite G32 features a butterfly multi-access design that is a stylish way of carrying and accessing your camera equipment. The adjustable and protective butterfly design makes it the best option for photography in confined spaces or unkind weather. The inner compartment can be used to carry a variety of photography equipment, while a tripod and your other gear can be attached to the exterior of the backpack.ONA Camps Bay Camera Backpack (US$ 409)Beautifully crafted with a detailed dark truffle leather and waxed canvas, this backpack was created to hold a camera and up to seven lenses. It can carry a 17-inch laptop and other personal items.

It has adjustable inner compartments and is an ideal option for photographers who plan to carry their gear in an understated style. ONA Clifton Camera Backpack (US$ 499)The Clifton is crafted from premium Italian leather and designed to hold a 13-inch laptop as well as other personal items. The backpack comes with removable inserts to keep you organized. You can use the backpack as a carry-on for your camera or turn it into a smart everyday bag for work or play.Is there a backpack that you love and think should be on this list? Let us know in the comments below.


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