Million Dollar Throw Essay

I read the book million dollar throw by Mike lupica. I have read a lot of Mike’s books and I have to say this one is the best. This book explains a lot about life and what a kid might have to go through so he can become big and famous. There are two main characters in this story there names are Nate and Abby. Nate has a nick name; they call him Brady because he has a phenomenal arm in football also because he is a huge fan of pro football player Tom Brady.

Both of these kids are 13 years old and they love 2 play football together. Nate and Abby have been friends sense 2nd grade, but sense then Abby has been loosing here I sight she has a hard time seeing 3 feet in front of here now. Abby does not like to admit it she still tries’ to do every thing she use to do. There is one thing that Abby will have with her no matter if she is blind or not she will be able to draw really amazing pictures.

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Nate lives with his mom and dad and they are a poor family till one day when Nate’s save up 500 dollars and he goes to the sports store down the street an buys a football signed by Tom Brady, Nate has been saving up for this. At this sports store if u purchase something with the value of 500 dollars or more you get your name put into a raffle to go to Gillette stadium and try and throw a football through a tire that is 30 yard away. Nate ends up winning the raffle and he will get to go throw the foot ball threw the tire and if he wins he get 1 Million dollars. Nate gets to make the throw in 3 weeks.While Nate is waiting to go and have a chance at winning 1 million dollars he has 3 football games, and in those 3 football games he can not make any passes he looses all 3 of them and he has never lost a game before.

Nate gets down on him self and Abby tells him that he was just nervous because of the big throw and that he just needs to relax and just throw the ball he knows how too. Then the time came, he was at the stadium and right before he is going to make the throw Tom Brady comes out and gives him a good luck speech. Now the time is here he throws the ball and the crowd goes….

And Nate is so…


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