Milliken and company Essay

What quality awards has Milliken & Company won? Why is Milliken considered a leading company in America?            Milliken & Company is a major textile producer and chemical manufacturer with headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It has evolved from a small woolen fabrics company in Maine in 1865 to the largest family-owned textile business in the world.

            The company has been recognized with the following awards:1.      Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award. In 1989, the National Institute of Standards and Technology recognized Milliken & Company for its Pursuit of Excellence (POE) approach which stresses customer satisfaction in all company levels at all locations.2.      European Quality Award. This was given to the company’s European division in 1993. Now known as the European Foundation for Quality Management Award, it is given to the company whose management practice best exemplifies Total Quality Management.3.

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      British Quality Award. Given by the British government, Milliken is the only textile company in Europe admitted to the British Standards Institute for Excellence in Quality.4.      Canadian Quality Award.

Given to its Canadian division, the CQA is an award given based on physical, safety and social measures adapted by the company.5.      Textile Industries Innovation Award. In 2001, the Textile Industries Magazine chose Milliken & Company to accept the award for their commitment to research.6.      Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance TPM Excellence Award.

In 1999, the institute awarded Milliken for implementing well the Total Productive Maintenance strategy to increase plant efficiency.Milliken is considered a world leader in textile research with over 10,000 associates located at more than 55 facilities worldwide working in more than 19,000 different textile and chemical products. It supplies more than 8,500 customers worldwide and annual sales exceed $1 billion. It conducts an extensive annual survey of customer satisfaction to determine ways by which to improve its service every year. Milliken is recognized for its commitment to innovation and technology as evidenced by its awards.

Its 14,300 workers, also known as “associates”, work in self-managed teams, each of which exercises considerable authority and autonomy. Milliken invests heavily in training their employees. It is also ranked #92 in Forbes Magazine’s 100 Best Companies to Work For. Meanwhile, the Milliken University is ranked in the Financial Times’ top 20 corporate universities in America.

  Milliken is a leading company in America because it constantly strives to improve customer satisfaction, maintains high quality standards, and recognizes the value of its employees. 


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