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Millennium Bridge in London Essay

                                     Millennium Bridge in London

The Millennium Bridge is the first bridge that is built across the Thames in London ever since the Tower Bridge was built in 1894 and links St Paul’s Cathedral in London with the Bankside at Tate Modern Art Gallery. The construction of the bridge began in 1998 and was opened to the public on 10th June 2001 immediately after which the bridge started swaying due to excessive use by people and had to be closed on the 12th June 2001. Thorough checks were made on the structural and architectural design and after a few minor modifications the bridge was again opened to the public on 27th February 2002. The solution to the swaying bridge was in the nature of installing dampers between the decks and the river piers, which have resolved the issue. The solution has forestalled worries that related to the aesthetic design of the bridge being adversely affected due to the rectification measures.

The millennium bridge is a landmark and a treasured piece of architecture for Londoners since it is the newest bridge after a gap of over a century and lot of sentiments are attached with it. The bridge is 320 metres long and was constructed at a cost of over 18 million pounds sterling, while its chief architects were Sir Norman Foster along with Sir Anthony Caro who was the sculptor. The bridge has been constructed by using lateral suspension which is considered an engineering innovation, a feature that enabled the building of the bridge without the use of supporting columns. Londoners are proud of the bridge and refer to it as a ribbon of steel in view of its aero dynamic design. It is also referred to as a blade of light in the night due to the lighting system that is activated by photo cells the moment it is dusk.


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