Milk domestic cattle were brought from European

Milk in oxford dictionary has a meaning as an opaque white fluid rich in fat and protein, secretedby female mammals for the nourishment of their young. Milk in general is actually awhite liquid or white fluid that produced or in scientific language they callit as secreted by mammary gland from any class of mammalia included human. Inthis essay I will talk about milk that usually consumed by majority of peopleespecially cow’s milk.

Surprisingly, the history of milk began around tenthousand B.C when nomadic tribes no longer live as traveler that always movefrom place to place and decide to stop and stay in one place. When they decideto settle down to become a farmer this agricultural era begun. In this era,with the domesticated animal the arrival of byproduct such as milk come tosociety. Later, in ancient Egypt area around eight thousand B.

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C, dairy productsuch as milk were available, but only reserved for nobles like royalty, priest,and other which extremely wealthy or famed as the rich nobleman. This milk comefrom Aurochs also known as urus or ure which called Bos Primigenius inscientific language. This kind of cow is big wild cattle that already extinctand it is the ancestor of domestic cattle. By the 5th century A.D,cows and sheep began to recognize and prized for their milk but it was neverbecome the choice of beverage amongst the masses. In 16th or 17thcentury domestic cattle were brought from European to North America.

In thatage alcoholic drink as liquor, beer, ale, cider were most common drink becausewater is not safe neither with milk. In 19th century distillery ofalcohol business starting to grow and large amount of byproduct of alcoholicproduction such as spent-grain wasted. Which lead alcohol distillery businessopened dairies and made their dairy cow to be feed with that waste. This wastecontains low nutrition and lead to the sickness of the cow that influence thequality of the milk and carried disease to the human who consume this milk.As I described the early history of milk in theprevious paragraf, we know that milk which supposed to be healthy can bringsickness too. In this essay I will stand in contra side with the term milk ishealthy or milk make your body healthier.

One of the example say that even milkcan bring disease to human that consume it. And I believe that the manufactoryis the problem because it feed their dairy cow with a waste of alcoholicdistillery. In this essay I will explain and give some of evidence that havebeen researched which actually said that milk is not good for human. Severalstudies cannot found any association between milk consumption and fewer bonefractures. In 2014, Care2’s Kevin Mathews from Sweden examined a research thatfocused at the diet habits of teenager at age range between 10 to 20 from morethan one hundred thousand people and surprisingly, the result of those researchis, people who tend to drinking the most milk actually broke their bone themost. The fact is become contrary from conventional wisdom that say milk canmake your bone stronger.Other evidence is that the relationship betweenprotein in dairy product and calcium in bones.

Milk nowadays have their ownselling surplus like hi-calcium, hi-protein, low calories, low cholesterol,which make that product only focused in one aspect of the milk. whereaseventually calcium pulled from bones to escort digested animal protein. Even infreshly cow’s milk it contain animal protein that ultimately digested calcium.Some expert say that e lots of dairy product indeed make people lose calcium.This is how milk affect  calcium lost.

Milk acidifies human body pH and triggering biological correction and calciumis an excellent acid neutralizer. The place where massive calcium stored inhuman body is in bones. So, calcium in bones that we need to support out bonebecome neutralized by the acidifying effect of the milk. Once calcium pulledfrom bone, it gone via urine. We consume milk may be as well as we swallowingcalcium, but we actually go over it and excrete calcium in urine. Harvard Nurses’s Health Study published in 1997that women who ate lots of diary products had higher rate of bone fracture  especially in hip or forearm fracture thanwomen who rarely or even don’t consume any milk. It suggested that drinkingmilk not provide essential substance for protection against hip or forearmbone. And Diane Feskanich, ScD, a professor at Harvard Medical School in Cambridge,and the study’s lead author say, ” We considered the possibility that dairyprotein was responsible for increase in risk of hip fractures.

” we can conclude that milk not as good as we thought because of somereason like lactose intolerance, high saturated fat content, increased risk ofovarian cancer and prostate cancer. People with some degree of lactoseintolerance get problem like cramping, bloating, release gas or fart, until diarrhea.This symptoms can be happen from mild to severe scale. High saturated fat contentis actually a bad thing.

Saturated fat is well known mentioned as cholesterol.One of the risk of having to much cholesterol is growth of coronary heartdisease. A lot of dairy product have high saturated fats which in this eracould reduced or eliminated actually consumed by other in the form of icecream, butter, or baked goods. Ironically, it is often that the same person whopurchase the higher far product such as ice cream, butter, or other productactually purchase the low-reduced or eliminated fat dairy product. In thisresearch high levels of galactose that released by the digestion of lactose inmilk could possibly damaging the ovaries and leading to ovarian cancer.

Arecent pooled which include five hundred thousand women or more found that womanwith high intakes of lactose  had ahigher risk to get ovarian cancer, compared to woman with the lowest lactoseintakes. And for a male who drank two or more glasses of milk a day were almosttwice as likely to generate advanced cell of prostate cancer as those whorarely even not drink at all.In conclusion, I offense the term of milk isabsolutely healthy or milk can make your body stronger or milk strengthen yourbone. With the evidence that I gathered from the internet and some of otherpeople research I can conclude that even milk can become a deadly poison. Whiteinnocent fluids that loved by lot of people start out infant to adult can betoxic. Not many people aware with this fact and I really interested in thistopic which is why I pick contra of healthy milk.

With this I close my essayand argument.


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