Military Transformation Essay

            Military Transformation            Though there were a number of contributing factors that helped different military units gain success from 1915 until 1945, the single most important factor was technical modernization of those armies. It can be said that all of the other contributing factors helped military leaders feel more in touch with their soldiers and more comfortable at battle, but nothing was more important in the long run than the advancement in modern military technology. In order to come to this conclusion, one only has to look at those military units who were successful and compare them to the military units that did not see a similar resurgence during the previously mentioned time frame. Simply put, the countries that focused the bulk of their effort on technical modernization saw a more rapid gain in power than those units who did not take similar methods to advance their army. These examples come from all over the globe, but the most prevalent examples come from the world’s super powers, including the United States of American andEngland.

            Starting with World War I, the world was a place in constant flux. Countries saw a rise of new leadership and new political thinking, as no one seemed safe. This was not the case in the United States, though. The stability of the American government allowed the nation to focus its efforts more on military advancement than on other distractions. In America’s case, the development of the Air Force was the single technical advancement that pushed the army from being powerful to being one of the best military forces in the entire world. In World War I, American utilized bombing planes that dropped large bombs all over Europe. This helped the Americans to overcome the strong ground force that was against them in World War I. The interesting thing about this was that, even though American had one of the best Air Force units in the entire world during World War I, they never stopped trying to make improvements.

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During the first World War, America discovered that, though planes were expensive to use, they cost much less life than ground forces. Planes were occasionally shot down, but they were not defeated with nearly as much frequency as ground forces were. Tanks could be attacked much more easily than planes could, especially during the early going. America took advantage of what other countries could not do, which is a recurring theme in American military history.            When the leaders of the American military figured out that their enemies could not keep up with them on the aerial front, they kept pushing the envelope even more.

During World War I, it was difficult for the leaders to work on any new developments, but they immediately starting working following the first World War. This is why when World War II rolled around, America’s Air Force set it apart from all of the other armies across the world. The American leaders realized that they could completely overcome and circumvent everything that the Axis powers wanted to do by simply attacking with planes. During World War II, there were some great ground battles, but most of the memorable moments happened when the American Air Force took flight. The nuclear bombings in Japan were both completed because the American military force had the unique ability to fly their planes right on top of the enemy. At the time, Japan did not have the technology to detect this move, nor did they have the ability to defend against it.            Along with that technical modernization came the ability to stay below the radar.

Over the course of thirty years between 1915 and 1945, war became a game that was played with much more surprise than in the past. Countries like America learned that it was easier to beat your enemy if they had no idea you were coming. Though stealth planes and other radar-avoiding vehicles were not developed until a couple of decades later, the American military learned more and more how to keep their noses clean and keep their planes out of danger’s path. This is why the technical modernization of war was so important for the super powers. Before that period, almost anyone could compete in a war. When the super powers around the world started using their superior money and their superior research to change the way people played war, they once again asserted to the smaller countries that there was no reason to even fight it. When the super powers dictate an expensive war, they not only hold a military advantage, but also an advantage in resources.

This has served to keep the other countries in their place for the last six decades.            American military development continues to occur on this front. The unique thing about the American military is that, even though they have superior equipment and technology to every other country in the world they are superior, they continue to work in order to get better. Technical modernization is something that never stops for the super powers. American planes can now fly faster and better than they ever have been able to before. The one way that they have really improved is in the field of radar. For both staying out of harm’s way and being able to surgically place bombs, the American military has made their planes superior to those of the rest of the world.

The American military takes pride in being able to shape and re-shape itself time and time again. There is never a time when the American military is resting upon its laurels and just accepting the fact that they are on top. If the years between 1915 and 1945 taught us anything, it was that you have to always be thinking in order to stay on top of your enemies.

If you let your guard down for only a minute, you risk giving up the military advantages that you have worked so very hard to develop over a long period of time. Though wars no longer consume lots of lives, they still do require the hands of many smart and brave individuals. This has always been the way that the American military did business. It continues to be that way today.            It can be said that different militaries rose to power from 1915-1945 for a number of different reasons. For some, it was probably even a combination of reasons. If you had to pick out only one reason why a military force gained power, you would want to check out the technical modernization, though.

Countries who have superior equipment hold the power over other countries who understand that they cannot match superior technology. This is something that America has turned into an art form and it is something they continue to get better at.


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