Military sociology Essay

Joining the American military is a big decision among Americans nowadays. Because of the evident ‘failure’ of the Bush Administration on the war in Iraq, the military’s recruitment propaganda ‘Uncle Sam Needs You!’ has lost its effect among the Americans.The composition of US military is a reflection of the dominating ideology in the American society. Because Americans largely believes that a military profession is only for those who don’t have any choice at all on their source of living, new recruits are generally from college drop-outs and from depressed communities.

Furthermore, females are still a small part of the US military, a reflection of the American patriarchal ideology. Moreover, the small percentage of blacks over whites in the US military is also a reflection of race bias in the US society. Finally, there is recent trend that the recruitment program of the military is targeting the parents of possible recruits. This is solely for the reason that it is the parents of the possible recruits that discourages their children to join the military. A possible new sociological view that the parental authority and consent are now getting its hold again among the American teens of this generation.

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