Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Military Experiences Essay Research Paper Military AdvantagesI

Military Experiences Essay Research Paper Military AdvantagesI

Military Experiences Essay, Research Paper

Military Advantages

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I was sitting at that place subscribing what I thought was a ne’er stoping stack of documents, in my

recruiters office. I remember my recruiter stating me about the applied scientists. I was sitting at that place with

my brother, as we were both in for something that we would ne’er of all time bury. There are many

grounds why the armed forces is my most valued ownership. The armed forces has allot of positive

benefits, such as a accomplishment, college, and last but non least ; travel.

First of wholly, a major benefit is larning a life clip accomplishment. I will larn the basic of arms

of all types. I will measure up a M16-A2 rifle, and I will larn to fire the AT4 which is a projectile

launcher. Learning my MOS is what I will make after preparation, I will cognize the accomplishments of a certain

occupation, in which I will execute either portion clip or full clip. I will be able to make what many civilians

will ne’er be able to make. I will drive and develop on 100 thousand dollar vehicles, such as a 113

( troop armored combat vehicle ) , humvee, and five ton trucks.

Second major advantage in the military, is college benefits. I may travel to any public province

or university college, and pay no money for tuition. The military allows me to hold one hundred

per centum free coll

ege tuition. I will besides have a GI measure cheque in the mail, the cheque would

sum to two hundred and 50 dollars. That you can either set towards college, or what of all time

the money is needed for at the clip being. Correspondence classs are besides available. I could

take some classs at place and receive college recognition that is good towards my grade. These

classs are free for military personal.

Last of all, I will have nice travel benefits. I could go anyplace in the universe,

without paying any money at all. This is called? Space A? travelling, I may skip on any military

plane going to the same finish. When I get to that finish, I will be able to remain on a

military base for truly low money ; depending on rank and handiness. If there is no room on

base, so I might desire to seek a hotel/motel that has military price reductions. There are many topographic points

that will give price reductions to the armed forces.

In decision, fall ining the military, and traveling through preparation wages off in the long tally. I

have so much more than what is reference. Having a life clip skill that may be used in the

civilian universe, holding those college benefits to assist pay for college, and being able to go the

universe and for really small money couldn? t injury.