Miles unique modern way to express yourself.

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GarciaDance 1December 17, 2017Modern Dance Modern Dance is a free unique modern way to express yourself. This dance became relevant in the states during the 19th century.  Modern Dance is a broad genre, this dance consists of theatrical dances. Many seem to believe the core of this dance to be based off of ballet movements, and to a certain extent this is true. Modern Dance came to be because of dance artists who took ballets movements and brought freedom to the moments.Angela Isadora Duncan was a well known dance artist and choreography.

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Angela was born on May 26, 1877. Isadora was born in California, but lived her life in Western Europe, and the Soviet Union. Angela’s dance career came into play at a very young age. Her passion and love for dance bought her many places. One of the places where it all began was Chicago. While in Chicago lading a spot in a dance company was Isadora’s main goal, her goal was soon to become her reality. Angela earned a spot in Augustin Daly’s company. Later on she realized that her talents were not greatly appreciated, thus causing her to move to London.

Moving to London opened up many opportunities for Duncan. Traveling Europe then, later opening a school of ballet. Transferring her school to the States brought Angela inspiration for a free natural movement dance. This inspiration came from Greek inspired poses. These poses included skipping, leaping, tossing, running, and jumping. Duncan’s focus on ballet transitioned I to natural movements which we now call modern dance. Angela’s goal was to connect emotions and movement. This free form dance technique picked up and deemed Angela Duncan the creator of Modern Dance.

Another influential dance artist and choreographer is Maud Allen. Allen was born on August 27, 1873 in Canada. Maud spent most of her time in Germany  to study the wonderful instrument of piano.

She studied piano at the Hochschule für Musik in Berlin. In desperate need of money Allen began dancing professionally. Mauds dancing style was often compared to Angela Duncan, because it was free with structural poses. Maud became a very popular dancer, and choreographer. Allen and other choreographers often created their own costumes for performances. This was easy to do because modern dance does not have a specific type of clothing that needs to be worn.

The clothing for this dance matches the style which is free. This meaning dress as you please. From when modern dance first started to now the clothing changed. This change was not a major change, all that changed was the sense of fashion. Modern dance isn’t about what you wear, how you look. It’s about how your movements convey your emotions.                                                                   Worked CitedBedinghaus, Treva.

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