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IntroductionIn today’s World where globalization has taken over the sphere of the earth, it is difficult to conduct business sitting at one place.

If you have an organization that has access into international markets and is doing business there, it would not be surprising that you stay in your office and work late. The temptation to make a share in international markets is the same as carrying out your business as it comes naturally into a human being to expand and double the possessions that have. There are a number of examples in front of us that can be a motivating factor for expanding the business. These examples simply point to one fact that businesses started at small levels but planned effectively have lived to expand all over the world. As Globalization brings the need of expanding your business it also brings the need to explore and exploit new potential markets. Expanding your business increases your responsibilities also and the work load, plus your offices increase and the amount of employees you hire also increases largely. When you work around the world you face different cultures and different moral values and customs.

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It is important to understand the mentality of the people you work with and it is important to make them move along with you (Parker, 2005). Managing a diverse work force is a challenge in itself. Apart from this other problems like managing diversified resources and making sure business operations run smoothly is a hard challenge present in front of the owner of the business. Hierarchical levels are set up to make work easy and divided.

Managers are employed to manage the business. This way your work force increases and the problems as well.            From my point of view there are 4 basic possible ways to maintain commitment in the organization and keep your diversified workforce intact and performing. The four possible ways would be discussed in detail one by one. The first option for an organization to maintain commitment of employees to the organization is:Reward and Incentive System            A reward system is a basic and old method it comprises of rewards and monetary incentives. This system involves a simple evaluation of an employee according to certain standards and benchmarks. If the employee has performed better than what was expected of him he or she is rewarded by either a bonus or other rewards which might include holidays or the organization can include new innovative ideas.

These new ideas can be generated by the employees themselves keeping in mind the organization’s rules and policies. Breaking down the organization’s objectives and goals into smaller land marks can make this work easier. Those divided objectives and milestones can be given to certain related managers and can be achieved comprehensively (Gottlieb, & Conkling, 1995).Organization Policy and Rules            Giving rewards and incentives is an old method used by organizations since the beginning of the concept of a company. This way is usually very effective but if an organization wants to strengthen the commitment and make sure that employee performance is taken to its maximum, the organizational rules and regulation play an important part.

The level of strictness in implementing the policy of the organization can play an important part in effecting an employee’s commitment to its organization. The amount of determination a manager shows in achieving a target or objective increases the amount of employee motivation and commitment. This also builds trust in the minds of the employee about the organization’s credibility and ability.

Job Security and Working Environment            Job security normally seen as very weak to effect employees and normally overseen by the managers and organization’s decision makers is a very important aspect in maintaining organizational commitment and motivation. It is proved by many researchers that a person can give his or her 100 percent when he or she is relaxed and the working environment is according to his or her culture and moral values, hence providing the necessary kind of atmospheric relaxation in your office is very significant. In the same way making sure that an employee has his or her job security is important. Being unsure of his or her job security an employee feels no motivation and commitment to the organization and under performs due to the stress factor.Minority Rights and Promoting Diversity            It is important to maintain a diverse workforce in order to properly utilize the immense talent and your overall intellectual assets. This point does come under the heading of Organizational Rules and Policies but also crosses the boundaries by some way to highlight the facts that equality should prevail throughout the organization and biasness should not hinder the progress of a single employee which results in the under performance of the whole organization.

Guarding minority rights not only gives them confidence but increases the level of commitment they should towards the organization, this in turn also leads to performance boosts. A diverse workforce brings the innovativeness needed in a multinational organization (Prasad, Mills, Elmes & Prasad, 1997).Conclusion            Organizational commitment and motivation is an integral part for any organization in order to achieve maximum work force performance and to reach its objectives. The whole idea is to remove any barriers and hindrance that might come in the way of reaching the desired objectives of an organization. It is important for the decision makers and managers to maintain employee commitment and appropriate planning should be done for its sake.References:Gottlieb, M.R.

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