Midterm Study Guide Music 100 Essay

Ctonal music, chant (plainsong, plainchant), organum, motet, Reformation, a cappella, word painting, counterpoint, chanson, madrigal, modulation, continuo, doctrine of affections, libretto, overture, recitative, aria, ensemble, chorus, cantata, oratorio, fugue, rondo, theme and variations, minuet and trio, metre, texture, suite, sonata, concerto, composers, instruments, historical periods, the Enlightenment, syllabic, melismatic, sonata-allegro form La peri fanfare Boulez Bird Chopin 3:1, Camptown Races 1:25, Structures 3:45] Rachmaninov Track 2, Terpsichore 8 (Shakespeare), Zappa 7,Duple: (ex. Handel Water Music CML #73) Triple: (ex. Mozart Minuet #74) Monophony – single voice (not necessarily one voice). .

. unaccompanied melody PLAY CML – Kyrie (chant) Song Texture (Homophony) – single voice with accompaniment most familiar texture PLAY CML (Mozart Sym. #40) – medium PLAY CML (Ravel Pavane) – complex Chordal Harmony – all parts move together (familiar choir texture) PLAY CML Arise Ye Russian People PLAY CML Bach: Chorale Polyphony – two or more independent voices most difficult to hear PLAY CML Exsultate Deo 1. 9 (Palestrina) PLAY CML Gabrieli Canzon 27. PLAY CML Bach: Art of Fugue: Contrapunctus I PLAY CML Haydn, Rondo note form (p. 128) PLAY CML Mozart Minuet (pp. 50-51) PLAY Britten: Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra (CML#58) – THEME & VARIATIONS Form PLAY Anonymous Kyrie CML PLAY Peritonus Alleluya, Nativitas CML PLAY Beatriz de Dia (1175) chantar – strophic song CML (p. 60) PLAY Palestrina motet Exsultate Deo CML (pp 78) PLAY Tielman Susato, Quarter Braules (CML).

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Different example on p. 83). PLAY Gabrieli Canzona per sonare (CML- Canzon 27).

PLAY Purcell (1659-1695) Come Ye Sons of Art (CML) PLAY the saddest music in the world (in JB’s opinion): Purcell: Queen Mary Funeral Music CD track 19 PLAY CML #10 PLAY Corelli Trio Sonata (CML) PLAY CML, Vivaldi (1678-1741, cont. of Bach and Handel): Four Seasons (pp. 100) terms: ritornello, word painting (birds, etc. ) PLAY CML, Bach: Brandenburg Concerto #2 in F Suite a group of contrasting pieces Musical Offering (PLAY CML) pg. 107 Prelude and Fugue PLAY CML, 14 Bach P ;amp; F in Em. Art of the Fugue (CML) Solo Violin Sonatas and Partitas (CML#127, Preludio)Cello Suites (CML #143) , Monteverdi: “Orfeo” (PLAY CML#8 (Rosa), pp. 92 – note Castrato discussion on pg.

109, “Arianna,” “Poppea” (historical) PLAY CML# Dido PLAY “A Mighty Fortress” cantata CML # Discuss/PLAY “St. Matthew Passion: Blute nur” (CML ), Page 105 PLAY Handel, Messiah “Hallelujah” CML (pp. 110) PLAY CML Mozart, “mvt 1, Sym. #40 in G min” (see pp.

133) PLAY Haydn Minuet ;amp; Trio Sym 45 pp. 127 (CML) PLAY CML Haydn Quartet #2 mvmt 4, Rondo (pg. 128) PLAY CML “Surprise Symphony” CML Sym 18 Mvmt 1 PLAY CML, “Marriage of Figaro Overture”CML Rossini “Barber” (1816), “William Tell” Classical concerto: 3 usually three movements (fast, slow, fast) PLAY Don Giovanni + Zerlina PLAY CML, “Piano Concerto #21 Mvmt 2 (Andante) PLAY CML “Horn Concerto” PLAY CML: Requiem “Kyrie” (fugue), ”Dies Irae” PLAY CML: “Eine Kleine Nacht Musik” PLAY “Moonlight” CML 132 Mvt. 1 PLAY Allegro (Mvt 1) from S6 (Pastoral) CML PLAY S7 Mvt 2 (Funeral March) CML Drama (sturm und drang) PLAY Mvt 1, S9 (Choral) CML Technique (fugue) PLAY Scherzo from Mvt. 2, S9 CML PLAY Str.

Quartet in A Minor Op. 132 CML PLAY 5th Symphony (1807) CML#21-24


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