Midterm Learning Reflection Essay


You should publish this out. although you may besides utilize it as a templet to type over. You will be composing two contemplations this term: a midterm contemplation and a concluding contemplation. The concluding contemplation is the 1 you want to hold finally on your portfolio. Both your midterm and concluding acquisition contemplations must be 700 to 1000 words. which is about two to three MLA-formatted pages. You can look into your word count by traveling to Tools/Word Count on the bill of fare saloon. Style and Format.

The composing manner of the learning contemplation is chiefly expressive. but will besides incorporate narrative elements. You do non necessitate a Works Cited page unless you cite something. So. if. for illustration. you cite song wordss. one of our texts. a verse form. or even a work of art. so you need a Works Cited page. I’ve included one here to function you for arranging intents. File formats. We are traveling to be larning how to change over Word paperss to pdf format so that they load more easy in a browser window. If you can. delight pattern with one or both of the undermentioned two methods. which are what I use ( they are free ) . 1. Install a free pdf convertor.

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These are non genuinely “free” in that they either force you to look at some advertisement or they add a line on each page publicizing the maker of the package. I don’t have a job with either of these and lief suffer through the free advertisement every clip I convert a file to pdf. which I do all the clip. The one I use to make all the pdf files for my categories is at hypertext transfer protocol: //www. pdf995. com/download. hypertext markup language. Download both the Pdf995 Printer Driver and the Free Converter ( they are both free ; they are required to work together. but for some ground. they are two separate downloads ) . After you go through the download and installing procedure. every clip you want to make a pdf file from Word. all you need to make is choice File/Print and so take PDF995. which will demo up as a “printer. ”

When you initiate this procedure of making a pdf file. you will be prompted for a topographic point to salvage the file. every bit good as a file name. Be careful to salvage the file to your H: thrust or. if to your C: thrust. to FTP ( transportation ) it over to your H: thrust subsequently. You will detect that some advertizements come up as the transition procedure occurs. That’s the “price” you pay for the free transition package. 2. The other pdf-conversion method I like is to utilize the free OpenOffice word processing package.

This package should be in our labs. You can besides download it for free on your ain computing machine. from hypertext transfer protocol: //www. openoffice. org/ . This is fundamentally an open-source version of Microsoft Office.

Once you’ve installed it ( it’s big and takes a piece to put in ) . you can open any Word papers with the OpenOffice word processing plan ( Open Document ) . Some of the original Word data format may be lost – particularly the heading information with your last name and page figure. You will necessitate to add that back in ; be certain you do it right. When you’re satisfied with the format. there is a small pdf icon on the toolbar that you can snap. and that will automatically change over the papers to pdf format.

Learning Reflection Content.

What should you discourse in your contemplation? In general. you discuss what you’ve learned. what you’ve done particularly good. what you’ve enjoyed – and the challenges you’ve encountered and how you might do alterations in the hereafter. Here are some suggestions for what to compose about: • Your experience transitioning from high school ( or wheresoever you were antecedently ) to a fresher in college. concentrating on how you have grown as an person and an independent pupil. • Your experience in this peculiar class – your year-long fresher enquiry. In this respect. you should likely concentrate on the University Studies ends and the ways in which you have grown and developed with regard to those ends. I would anticipate that other classs have besides contributed to the end countries. so you might desire to foreground any that have been peculiarly utile in that respect.

• Other experiences as a pupil here at Portland State. Portland State University’s mission is “Let Knowledge Serve the City. ” which reflects the fact that we are an urban university. What have you learned with regard to community. diverseness. and the connexion between a larning community ( the university ) and the metropolis in which it is located? Keep in head that you may hold acquired valuable experiences outside of the schoolroom. but still connected to your individuality as a pupil.

O Possibly you have learned of import lessons about subject and clip direction as a pupil jock. which may function you good when you enter the work force. o Possibly your engagement in activities with other pupils – such as taking dance categories or playing in the set or disbursement hours in an art studio or toughing out chemical science and natural philosophies labs – has improved your personal accomplishments and brought to light new countries of involvement. which you’ve pursued in your free clip.

O Or possibly you’ve found out that you are a lone wolf. that you haven’t connected really good with a batch of the people in your categories. As you reflect on this ( or any other decisions that some – possibly you – might see. good. dejecting ) . think of this is an chance to believe of ways to do some alterations in the hereafter. • A contemplation. in other words. should include a self-assessment component every bit good as thought along the lines of “What could I make better or otherwise in the hereafter? ” See the challenges you’ve faced. how you’ve get the better of them. or how you’d like to get the better of them in the hereafter.


Your contemplation should stop in a manner that gives the reader the sense that you are shuting up a chapter in your life and ready to travel on. with some thoughts in head of what you might make otherwise. My suggestion is that you do non pass a batch of clip reviewing the universe around you ; after all. you can’t alter that really much. Restrict your contemplation to you and what you have learned and experienced. Brooding on what you don’t like about a given class or plan is non a contemplation about you. but about something else.

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