Middle Eastern Profiling Essay

It’s been so long that we have been giving peace a chance. The massive terrorism that’s happening now is not rushing things, because it is still an agonizing struggle towards complete transformation. Some say that peace be given a chance over terrorism and war. Yes, peace needs to be given contemplation before finding an option in violence. But when we scrutinize it in a larger scheme, some things happen and should happen for a reason. Wars do happen, so are terrorisms. And the only way to reverse the effects of it is to have its impacts slower than it could possibly be.

Profiling could be an option.Profiling is often identified to include racial attributes in the determination whether a person or an identified group is likable to commit delinquent acts that are more associated with crimes or judicial killing in a specific area or location. Racial profiling in particular is used to assess if a group in a certain country is inclined to invariably conduct terrorism attacks. In the same way as profiling is made to be justified in countries where terrorism is rampant and uncontrollable.            In a dangerous time like this, many individuals of different beliefs and cultures may be prone to kill people including the guilt-less citizens which may have been the effect of the raging political, economic, and social issues. These issues affected their individualities and some may even be provoked to kill by augmenting revenge to political icons which can create chaos among nations.

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One of the many regions which are believed to have been involved in terrorist attacks for the past decades up to the present is the Middle East. Consequently, research studies reveal that most of the terrorists groups existing in the modern age are coming from this region. Researchers also found out that some of the countries in the Middle East region are likely to commit killings because they have the greater propensity to experience racial and religion discrimination, political conflicts and judicial biases.

            Terrorism in Middle East has been considered to be a malignant cancer that has suppressed the entire region for decades. It has gravely transformed into deadly forms and ways to attack that tremendously challenged the government of America and the West region. These Middle Eastern terrorist groups are aiming to strike areas outside their territories, both state-and non-state alike including areas that are economically sustainable. Ruthless does not even begin to describe the dreaded attacks of these groups. Just last September 11, 2000 the solid governance of the State of America which had never encountered a major attack before by the Middle East terrorist groups was stormed by the bomb sabotage of the renowned World Trade Center in New York City.

The attack resulted to a death of 6 people and injured approximately 1000 Americans. It was reported the 9/11 attack was the most damaging attack ever recorded in the history of USA.            Terrorism issue however, can be less frightening if a method like profiling is done. In such way,   the growing attempts of killing and terrorism would be reduced and avoided. Profiling in Middle East, in the same way, must be mandatory and justified as this region has the most number of terrorist groups which are apt to cause harm, damage, and worst is death.

Akin to worldwide security, profiling could be used as a means to protect the inhabitants of other countries the way they have to. It promotes peace which has always been the idea opposed with terrorism.            On the other hand, profiling may also create racial bias to those countries in the Middle East region that are apparently living in a non-violent atmosphere. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Egypt are just some of the countries who are leaving behind issues concerning terrorism.

Instead, they make big deals in order to advance their social status and maintain their goals in pursuing economic stability. By making themselves progressive in any way possible, they leave good impressions to the society but these impressions would not be enough since profiling the entire Middle East could make them handicaps as well. If not halted, terrorism will bring doom to the biggest income generating industries of these countries. The tourism and business industry, given its issues and concerns will be severely affected. And if permissive tolerance will be given to unjust actions like terrorism, then it could have put in jeopardy the entire world since profiling is just the same as destroying the ecological niche; if one tampers one part of it, the entire niche will be destroyed.

Thus, before profiling Middle East, factors mentioned above must also be considered.            Although profiling would affect the status of countries in the Middle East that are not susceptible to terrorism, worldwide security should still be the forefront and priority among nations. Regarding Middle East as the foreground of terrorist groups, it can not be denied that there are still many who remain to be innocent despite the massive terrorisms of the region.

Saudi Arabia, for example, may be denied with justice because of profiling. But this is just a small price to pay compared with the price of security that is at stake for the whole world. Thus, profiling should be a complete necessity because it makes the protection of the world the topmost priority and not of few countries alone.With all the considerations of terrorisms, everything boils down to one question. Is profiling giving peace a chance? Yes. To discontinue killings and terrorisms should be the intention and motive above all else. Profiling could help ease the tension. It could be the vanguard for world peace and security.

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