Microsoft vs. Apple Essay

When it comes to buying a computer nothing is more complicated than trying to decide which one is right for the user. The first and most important decision you need to make is between Microsoft and Apple. Both are excellent brands but one might fit the individuals needs more than the other for different purposes. There are many different needs for computers and the right brand or the better brand in some cases might differ on what the need is at the time. The biggest difference between Microsoft and apple is user friendly interface.Microsoft created by Bill Gates was has a very user friendly program that anybody can get on and use fairly quickly. For instance Microsoft Word is a great writing program that anybody can pick up and use with little to now problems but still is complex enough to have graphs and other forms someone might need. Apple created by Steve Jobs has very good programing but requires a better working knowledge of how to use the programs.

Apple how ever does not have a clear cut writing program and if there is a need to do something like add graphs a separate program would be required.There are also big differences in prices and function. Apple is a very reliable computer with a good life span and built in anti-virus protection, but they are also very expensive with little options. Whereas Microsoft is a less reliable computer and doesn’t come with anti-virus which makes it more vulnerable, but has more options for less cost, Microsoft is also sold by different brands such as Dell, HP, and Lenovo which allows for a much larger selection and personalization.The other large difference is that because of how versatile Microsoft is that more companies will invest in Microsoft for their company needs rather than apple do to affordability, and the ability to be customized easily for the company’s needs. Because of how impersonal and difficult Apples are to use they are not the best to be used for company’s purposes.

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For larger purchases and border uses Microsoft would be the better choice. The difference between apple and Microsoft is great but not so clear cut when it comes to which is better. However over all I would have to say Apple is the better computer for is reliability and life span.Microsoft is a very good alternative a versatile computer easily adapted for offices or personal use. When purchasing a computer I would go for the Apple computer it’s worth the money if you can afford it. “The year will be remembered for an explosion of new thinking about how we interact with our devices.

Whether it was the massive success of Microsoft’s Kinect gaming system or the interactive assistant Siri appearing on Apple’s iPhone 4s – it’s clear the way we use our devices is changing in a big way. ” References Washington Post, The, 12/29/2011


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