Microsoft Organizational Behavior Essay

            Various complimentary aspects describe that complex autonomy of Microsoft organization behavior. The integration of such various aspects has been important in providing its good nature of corporate governance through sustainable organization behavior. They include;Conflict management: Strong structures of managerial attitudes have been developed to address the role of conflict management in its internal environment.

Due to the continuous interaction between people and the corporate structures at the work place, various substantial conflicts have been on the increase. Conflict management is an important tool in governing the strength of the organizational behavior (Stephen, 2007)Organization diversity: A rich organizational culture is provided by the interaction between various employees who come from different cultural outstanding. The nature of corporate activities is also aligned to incorporate diversity in the cultural dispensations accrued to the employees. Diversity in the organizational culture is a strong symbol of appreciation into the wide spread cultural autonomies held by its employees.Ethical standards and behavior: The internal environment of Microsoft is enriched with a strong ingredient of behavior and ethical standards that model the relationship between the employees. Strong ethical and behavioral conceptions have been important in providing harmonious interaction and integration of the employees and the corporate structures.

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The employees are guided by principle codes of ethical and behavior standards that shape the general etiquette of the internal environment (Stephen, 2007)Communication practices: Strong practices and interpersonal skills have been important compliments in shaping the strength of the organizational behavior within the company. Generally, communication has been ensured through responsive harmony between the different departments and personnel by regulating the protocols of internal communication between each departments and personsObservable organizational policies: The modalities of the company are guided by strong principles of organizational policies that regulate the relationship between individual employees, departments, processes and structures. Various policies have acted regulatory framework aimed at initiating the most reliable system of governance and association that provides the most plausible concepts of organizational behavior (Stephen, 2007)ReferenceStephen, R (2007) Organizational Behavior. New York, Prentice Hall


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