Michael about humanity and the haunting beauty

Michael Kenna’s approach to capturing the emotion of the viewer is more reliably placed in the art of encapsulating the sublime in his images, particularly his phenomenally meticulous photograph of Shirahige Shinto Shrine (Takashima, Biwa Lake, Honshu, Japan, 2007). Kenna solely photographs his work in black and white, as he believes, “black and white is immediately more mysterious because we see in colour all the time. It is quieter than colour.

” I agree with his statement to some degree because in kenna’s work the use of black and white enhances the sense of solitude, which speak volumes about humanity and the haunting beauty found in nature. Personally, I feel like this images almost portrays a dark ethereal atmosphere that has connections to the afterlife or potentially spiritual, this could be due to the culture surrounding the location/ the country of Japan in general whose natives are very superstitious and take honour in respecting the deceased.Although I previously mentioned that he photographs landscapes, ultimately he isn’t a landscape photographer, he travels constantly, but isn’t a travel photographer, he works in black and white, but yet he isn’t a black and white photographer. He’s an artist who records what he sees and what he senses and feels in the moment, but can still meticulously encapsulate everything into one singular image. Despite the almost hauntingly peaceful nature of his image I also feel like his photograph is imbued with an almost tangible amount of solitude. Personally, I believe that to be because of the main subject, the lone shrine, since the image is overwhelmingly vast despite their only being one main focus, the lonely shrine in the centre of the lake.

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(Comparing Both Artists + Conclusion?)Conclusively, the majority of Michael kenna’s photographs are categorised as sublime and all portray either a sense of solitude, are soulful and evocative, and can also showcase ideas of pain and danger, yet Ansel Adams photos are mostly picturesque due to his devotion to being an environmentalist and wanting to capture the natural and pure beauty of America by using the face of picturesque beauty. Both artists achieve and execute their prefered styles masterfully, each having their own diverse distinctions to each other with aesthetically pleasing visuals.


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