Metal strength aluminium alloy which includes the

MetalMatrix Composites (MMCs) have appeared as a significant materials for structural,wear, thermal, transportation and electrical applications.

Aluminium has highstrength-to-weight ratio and strength-to-cost ratio equivalent to othermonolithic commercial alloy. It has found that Aluminium has a wide range of applicationin areas where lightweight is in main consideration. But its low wearresistance gives it a low tribological ranking which does not allow this in applications such as automotive works wherehigh wear resistance is desired K.L tee To improve its wearresistance, Al-base composites reinforced with ceramic particles have beendeveloped.             To improve the wear performancegenerally ceramic particles like SiC, TiC, TiB2, ZrB2,AlN,Si3N4, Al2O3, and SiO2 usedas reinforcement material in Aluminium matrix.

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S suresh et al.. Ceramicparticle selected as a reinforcement in accordance to their high young’smodulus, low specific gravity, superior Vickers hardness, good thermalconductivity, high electrical conductivity, high elastic modulus and hardness,high melting point, superior wear resistance and good thermal stability. Amongthis wear resistance is one the valuable factor which has a very important rolein engineering applications.AluminiumA20X belongs to Al-Cu family which has been developed and patented by AerometInternational Ltd which has a wide range of aerospace applications. A20X isa very high strength aluminium alloy which includes the MMPDS (MetallicMaterials Properties Development and Standardization) approved A205casting alloy and AM205 powder for additive manufacturing. A20X basically analuminium copper alloy with highly refined microstructure and a uniquesolidification mechanism which provide it very high strength, fatigue andthermal characteristics compared to other alloys.

Aluminium A20X can be preparedby casting route and powder route.In this paper study ofA20X alloy in various condition has been carried out by performing their wear behaviouras well as SEM image with Energy dispersive X-Ray spectroscopy for analysis thecomposition of the wear debris


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