Mesopotamia And Egypt Essay Research Paper Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia And Egypt Essay, Research Paper

Mesopotamia and Egypt

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The beginning of the many differences between Mesopotamia and

United arab republics can be found in the

geographic locations of these civilisations. Egypt,

protected by natural barriers on all sides,

remained unswayed for many old ages. Not many other

civilisations came in contact with the

Egyptian people. Therefore, they developed much otherwise

politically and socially compared to

Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia was invariably invaded by

aliens who would integrate their

civilization into their freshly conquered society and organize a new

one by force. It is no surprise so

that the two civilisations would stop up with wholly

different thoughts about the universe.

Egypt s societal construction consisted of the Pharaoh,

priests, husbandmans, merchandisers, and

craftsmen. The Pharaoh was the God-King. Not merely did he

govern Egypt, but he was an

immortal ( or a God ) . Pharaohs were believed to be Gods who

had chosen to populate on Earth for a

clip. These immortal work forces were extremely respected by Egyptian

people because of their godly

powers. The Pharaoh s will was jurisprudence, and his wisdom

all-knowing ( Adler,1996,26 ) . Because

the Gods spoke through the Pharaoh, his ordinances and Torahs

were to be carried out without

inquiry. Otherwise the Gods would discontinue to smile upon


Priests were of import to Egyptians but were non

awfully powerful ( like they were in

Mesopotamia ) . They simply enforced spiritual beliefs and

helped the male monarch when he was

unpopular. The Free renter husbandmans, who worked on estates

owned by a landholder or

authorities functionary, constituted the bulk of the

population. These husbandmans worked on this

granted land in order to supply service to the Crown ( the

Pharaoh ) . Their life, like the Egyptians

of higher and lower categories, was highly stable and

predictable. They normally resided in

crowded small towns that stretched across the Nile River. In

these small towns, the merchandisers and

craftsmen could besides be found, but Egypt had no existent metropoliss.

The capital metropoliss in Egypt served as

royal castles for the wealthy or for societal amusement.

The bulk of the population had

nil to make with these metropoliss, except to move as a labour

force. Unlike many other civilisations, the

metropoliss of Egypt were non used as major trade or control

centres among small towns. Trade and

commercialism were of small importance to Egyptians.

On the other manus, Mesopotamia was a immense aggregation

of many civilizations. Numerous

sums of aliens invaded and forced their beliefs and

thoughts upon the Mesopotamians. All of

this cultural influence produced many rapid alterations and

caused utmost instability. Rulers were

non Gods, were non every bit good respected, and had to contend for

their control. Mesopotamians did non

experience the security that Egyptians had. Th

vitamin Es economic system manner

under changeless emphasis because of

the revenue enhancements needed to back up an ground forces. Armies were of extreme

importance in order to forestall

farther invasions and to quell frequent rebellions that

occurred. The stray Egyptians ne’er

had to raise an ground forces or put any heavy revenue enhancements. Mesopotamians

though, because of the figure of

encroachers, had many metropoliss and trade centres. The assortment of

people within the metropoliss produced

many cultural accomplishments and progresss. They had good

developed route systems to better

communicating and enforce authorities control in environing

small towns. They, under the

Phoenicians, developed a water-based trade system that

reached every bit far as Great Britain. By sea,

they traded information, dyes, and metals such as Cu and

Fe. Because of their exposure to

many different thoughts, Mesopotamians were really influential

in the ancient universe and are still


As for the Egyptians, their thoughts vanished with the

disappearing of their civilisations.

Their natural barriers separated them from the harsh

worlds around them. They were stable and

were non subjected to invasions by aliens for many

centuries. This provided a false sense of

security. They took really small steps to forestall a

black invasion from happening. United arab republic

was non prepared militarily ; they had small trained

soldiers and really few advanced arms.

Egyptians trusted that the Gods were responsible for their

long reign without any outside menaces.

They believed that the Gods smiled on Egypt, and they besides

took this to intend that they were

superior to any other civilizations. The lone existent people were

Egyptian people and anyone else was

considered inferior. This narcissistic position resulted in a

limited trade of cognition because

aliens had small to offer the superior Egyptians.

Therefore, they did non progress scientifically,

mathematically, or militarily like the Mesopotamians had.

This feeling of high quality finally

resulted in their licking when encroachers eventually did come.

The experiences of the Mesopotamians and Egyptians

were really different because of their

location. Egyptians viewed the universe as perfect and safe

because they had ne’er experienced the

traumatic invasions that the Mesopotamians did. Egyptian

life was comfy and unchanging

with really few endangering state of affairss. Mesopotamians

experience much alteration and instability.

They had no true individuality because of the many new

influences. They were invariably worried

about their security and the universe, to them, was non a

peaceable topographic point. However, their experiences

prepared them for the them for endurance in the hereafter, while

Egypt s failure to set to a new

state of affairs lead to their death. Mesopotamian positions can

still be found today and Egyptian positions

disappeared along with their high quality in Egypt.


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