Mentioning and heavy downpours affecting the planets

Mentioning this again consumption of emitting moreand more gas has forced greenhouse effect to occur since the start of the 20th century,which led to the continuous rise in warmer temperature.

It, therefore, hasincreased the amount of water vapour that enters the atmosphere and trigger icemelting on the poles. This has resulted in the constant rise of sea-level andheavy downpours affecting the planets most populated regions fromflooding.The last impact is shown in figure 8 thatbetween the 1880s to 1900s steady rise of sea level started to occur during theend of the industrial revolution. Additionally, figure above also provides anestimate that by 2020 sea level will still continue to rise, leaving low-lyingregions to expect major impacts from flooding. This will significantly impactthe ecosystem by causing plant and animal ranges to be shifted,as species will have to adopt a wet and warmer environment.Moreover, the outcome of this rise has affected theecosystem but also people especially in the LEDC (Less EconomicallyDeveloped Country) living in the coastal areas. To support this claimBangladesh is an LEDC, the country is densely populated and lies lowfrom the sea level.

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This means Bangladesh often suffers from floodingby tidal surges. The implication of this developing nation,therefore, has a low life expectancy from people living close to coastalshorelines. To provide an evidence ‘In their struggle to survive, thepoor in Bangladesh have cleared many of the country’s coastal mangrove forests for fuelwood,farming and aquaculture ponds for raising shrimps. The result: more severeflooding’ (Miller, 2008: 224). A major result of the impact of climatechange through global warming.

 This will mean that increased risk offlooding will lead to damages to infrastructures and coastal habitats. Also,future result illustrated in figure 8 will mean LEDCs like Bangladesh willhave to tackle and prevent further flooding depicted by Miller points.


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