Men of Purpose Essay

It was a gloriously wonderful autumn day, one of those days that you read about in a favorite novel or book of your choice. A day that has the Sun’s rays highlighting every miraculous creation that our Father GOD has created. The wind, although stirring, moving with a tenderness that just accentuates the setting of the day. “Serenity” is what I think about the peaceful, and almost heaven-sent atmospheric projection on this day. I’ve heard the phrase over the years, “Alignment of the Stars”, which precluded today’s events. The stage is set for the day’s festivities.

All the lengthy preparation poured into the male chorus anniversary was enough to have all of our emotions high and eager with anticipation. Everyone was on board with the celebration. The entire church, all of the ministries and various missionaries extended overwhelming courtesies far beyond their gratuitous duties. Our pastor, the Honorable Reverend Kenneth Carter, has always taken on a special interest in our male chorus. Pastor says, “there’s nothing like a brotherhood in song”. In the beginning, the idea of a male chorus was spearheaded by a spiritually blessed brother with a vision.

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Deacon Jerry Streat (a male chorus member/founder), wanted to ban the men of Mt. Calvary Baptist church together in song. Deacon Streat had a vision, and it was awesome to watch him go about the business of Lord. It was clear that God gave Deacon Streat a mission, a very important mission, and Deacon Streat governed himself accordingly with due diligence that can only be rivaled by “man’s best friend”. Although I interjected lightly, a bit of humor, it was no laughing matter.

I watched as he pushed, planned and persisted while contacting various music ministers, area quartet groups and musicians.Deacon Streat is the reason this Mt. Calvary Male chorus is an established entity within the Mt. Calvary church. A group such as this is not only a musical entity, but an escape for the gentlemen of the group. I, as a member of the Mt. Calvary male chorus, can attribute this group with the filling of many friendship voids in my life. I bond with the men in this on so many different levels socially.

The ages of group members span from late teens to the ripe, but graceful age of sixty. An entity that is not only enjoyed by the parishioners of the Mt.Calvary church, but the entire community is in tune with exploits of the Mt. Calvary Male chorus. On Saturday, November 3, 2012 at 4 p. m. the groups that are slated to appear will come from far and wide. We have the Reverend Rod M.

Person, Rich Square, NC; Gospel “T’s” of Sussex county, VA; Sounds of Harmony of Courtland, VA and God’s Singing Angels of White Oak Grove Baptist church of Phenix, VA. These are groups from communities that we as the Mt. Calvary male chorus members’ have forged relationships with over the past couple of spiritually blessed years.Having seen the groups perform in the past, whether it was a program or concert, I knew that the community of Freeman, VA. were in for a treat. The Mount Calvary Baptist church of Freeman, VA is the place, Male Chorus 2nd Anniversary Gospel Program is the event. The evening is filled with anticipation, an energy floating about that’s infectious as that of an airborne virus. I am filled with a gleeful spirit that has my entire persona glowing with brilliance.

It obvious, to anyone paying attention, I am one happy camper.After another year of hard work and ministering in song to anyone that will listen, its anniversary time. A well-deserved Celebration! The Mount Calvary Male chorus performed first, opening up with the much loved tunes, “I’ll Go if I Have to Go by Myself” and “Jesus Will Fix It” high energy songs that were heavy with audience participation and group energy and excitement.

The Mt. Calvary Male chorus with there harmonious vocal deliveries and their rhythmic syncopations really lit a torch for the groups to follow. The stage is set for the blessing of the LORD to flow into this Holy tabernacle.It is my experience that not everyone gets the message of the minister or speaker, but you put on a good song or performance and often times people take more from the song. I am a witness! Can I get an Amen? Ms. Lori Hafey of Emporia, VA” is the guest vocalist for the program portion of evening. Ms.

Hafey is an Emporia native that works alongside (Shawn Powell), one of our male chorus members. Lori has dawned a beautiful long black evening gown, one that is in accordance with the significance of the evening. Lori is definitely “dressed to impress”, go Lori! The song that Ms.Lori chose to deliver on this evening, “Eyes On the Sparrow” was delivered with such amazing grace, how sweet the sound. Lori stood there with what appeared to be supreme confidence.

A confidence that exuded through her fevered pitch and tonality, almost operatic. Ms. Lori accessorized her long black evening gown with jewels, long black beaded necklace and matching bangles and bracelets. I loved the hairstyle, pushed up to present an elegance matched only by a pageant princess. Lori was accompanied by a recording that was on CD but you would have thought that the musician was in the room.

The way the song stylist and the music accompanied and complimented one another was simply stated, ‘ magical’. I, after this evening, am hooked. I am a gospel music junky (for lack of a better term), I love gospel music, all of the groups in attendance and all of the missionaries that helped as well as parishoners that supported. It was truly a joyous occasion that has me already praying for a third anniversary.

I am sure that with the way that GOD has smiled on this mission, a third anniversary is inevitable. I could go to a gospel concert every weekend, especially if it’s one of this magnitude. Amen.


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