Men and Women Essay

Shawnna Schomber Dr. Joann Ashford English 1101 23 Oct.

2012 Possibility of Metaphor There have been many accusations in today’s society in which gender is more superior in relationships, men or women. No one describes the truth of this question better then Robert Frost in the poem’s “Never Again Would Birds’ Song Be The Same” published in 1946, “Meeting And Passing” published in 1930 and “Bereft” published in 1929. These poems bring out strong metaphors of the connections between men and women.Metaphors are defined as a figure of speech that uses an implied comparison between two distinctly different things; one term is defined in relationship to another term. Robert Frost shows man’s progressive downfall through women just using his metaphors alone. In the poem “Meeting and Passing” Robert Frost explains the power women have over men when they don’t even have a realistic relationship.

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Men expect women to tell them or give them a certain sign if they are interested in the man or not or if the man should approach a women. Frost Stating “Your Parasol pointed the decimal off with one deep thrust. (Frost 393-394) Gives you an image of a woman politely showing a man with body language that she isn’t interested in what could be between them. The women never showing interest shot a man’s hopes of a future with her completely down the drain. This supports “all the time we talked you seemed to see something down there to smile at in the dust. ”(Frost 394) An example also of a women’s metaphor of the earth or dirt, showing the women is like the earth it’s the root of control of what is around them.

The women kept her head low to the earth showing her disinterest in the man passing by her.This metaphor and quote is showing the control women have on a man even power they don’t realize they have. The man watched the woman carefully looking for a sign of permission to approach her. Women have an uncontrollable power to get inside a man’s head without even realizing what they are doing. Frost showing a man’s actions are based off a women showing what a discouraging downfall rejection can be for man. Men take rejection hard, as women seem to not even blink an eye as they let men fall to their emotionally lowest points.Katherine Kearns says, “Women are powerful, active, magnetic in their madness” (Kearns 417). Explaining the irresistible qualities that men seem so drawn too at many moments in time.

Men love the madness of women, even when men know the path it leads them selves down. Supporting “Women run away and the men follow” (Kearns 417) Women can turn their back and walk away from a man a lot easier then a man has the strength to walk a way from a women. Men at some point will end up following a woman to where she desires to go. Most men metaphors are known for strength.Hurting a man’s obvious ego every time having to set his strength aside to follow a woman in her life path can be difficult.

Kearns gives you a good view on where exactly a women’s roll and a man’s roll is in any kind of relationship. Women hold the higher ground. Women have an unspeakable power to lead men and manipulate them. Men usually sense the feeling of being taken advantage of or even knowing right from wrong.

It’s the reality that love makes you do crazy things. When everyone see’s a man progressively falling deeper into a trap, all the man see’s is love.Even when a man might sense his downfall his imagination takes over and leads him to believe otherwise. This situation only emphasizes, “Had now persisted in the woods so long”(Frost 393) stating how persistent a women can be when trying to get what she wants. The women Eve persisted the man Adam into doing what was known as wrong.

Though Adam knew what Eve wanted him to do was wrong he let himself believe out of love that it was okay. Frost uses the woods as a metaphor to connect Eve with the earth and a biblical version of a story to connect Adam with the heavens.Men are relatable to the Heaven and need women to keep them steady and balanced out. Men are spiritually strong and take physical advantage of what they are capable of but women know how to cheat and lie to get to where they want to be and they are never afraid to do it. This acknowledges “Her tone of meaning but without the words”(Frost 393) a woman saying what she wants to say loud and clear without even saying a word. A women’s tone speaks louder then words. Women using what they can to be undermining and uncut are some downfall traits of what leads to women’s wicked ways.Observing, “nature resists containment and defies control as surely as a women does”(Kearns 417) that women can’t be contained or even understood.

Women are like nature, uncontrollable and unpredictable. Eve lead Adam to his downfall by promising him a paradise together full of love and pleasure. Eve made this promise knowing it as a lie and continuing anyway. Adam was manipulated by Eve and was lead to his downfall. Adam was corrupted by Eve and was not given what was promised, only given shame to him and his name.

Adam lost his good life, his good name and his trust to a women he loved.Adam was at his lowest point. Nothing but a manipulative woman by his side to remind him of his horrible choices that lead him to his final point in life. This describes, “Frost’s world is controlled by a powerful femininity”(Kearns 417) Frosts proved point of women better in this story then any other. Proving that a woman can take away a man’s life and make it her own to do as she pleases with. Knowing you have the power to manipulate is a dangerous wisdom to have. Woman’s known power, leads to a man’s downfall when the women leaves and takes all he has with her.A man’s ultimate fall is a women’s ultimate fall.

Men love their women more then life, in the story “Bereft” Frost proves this statement. Explaining “Word I was in my life alone”(Frost 404) the man lost his wife officially to death. Loosing his love was like loosing his own life. Going through life as a nothing and nobody without her with him is a constant struggle. His depression describing a sinister life without his true love leads to his everyday downfall. A man without his women is like dying himself. The man thought of suicide after loosing his love.

Suicide meaning the ultimate downfall a man can reach in his life. Emphasizing “Word I had no one left but God”(Frost 404) that not even God could live up to the comfort his women once brought him. Explaining the nature is describing his somber mood. Showing women metaphorically connect through nature, helping the man know the women knows what he is feeling even after death. Supporting, “to have, dies into the earth, like leaves trodden into the mire, to be reborn into nature. ”(Kearns 420) how a women stays with her husband even after death.Weather gives a sign of connection to the man spiritually from the woman, letting the man know that she can feel his pain and understands.

The woman knows the downfall and turmoil she put on her true love. Which only leads to his emotions on how the death emotionally leads to his downfall? Kearns supporting “desire and death merge into inextricable ecstasy and despair”(Kearns 419) Frost’s point of the desire for a women that death can bring out. Death can be so powerfully and spiritually moving to a man. Loosing a true love is an unexplainable emotion and without a woman to keep a man grounded the man is lost.Never knowing what you have is a good way to describe the feeling this man was feeling. Knowing nothing could bring back the irreplaceable feeling he lost. Death of part of a man’s soul being his true love is a man’s ultimate and final downfall in life. What is a man’s ultimate downfall? A woman.

Before a man knows a women, when he knows a women and when he looses a women. All of these progressing factors leading to a man’s ultimate downfall. A woman controls more then she knows and a man is controlled more then he thinks. Through frosts poetry and metaphors you learn to understand a women’s and a man’s place.

You realize a woman can be as beautiful as life but corruptive as the devil and a man can be as strong as a God but as over powering as a wild animal. Men and women both have flaws and both have perfections but they both have their own place in life. That place, is with each other. Works Cited Frost, Robert. “Never Again Would Birds’ Song Be The Same. ” 1946. Literature and Ourselves. 6th.

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