Memo: Director of Marketing Communication (MC): Essay

Memo: Director of Marketing Communication (MC):As a director of marketing communication the foremost important task is to understand the way corporate communication and integrated marketing communication actually works taking into consideration our line of business and whom we need to cater to. As a family our PR (public relations) team should focus upon the advertising, sales promotion, direct mail, personal selling and database marketing technology where by each member must be able to realize that the public relations job is not the marketing function and when we think it that way then the effectiveness of getting connected to the target audience gets affected.

Being a Marketing Communication firm, the department gets the support of agency wide consultation services and technical help in the areas of communication, customer support, marketing, information gathering and outreaching the target.Today the perspective of communication also includes internet communication and the advances in mobile communication services. As a team we should be able to first study the concept of MC and the different theories involved along with the analysis of the stakeholders, it would also bring to light the social and the economic impact of MC, learning the function and the industry of MC is yet another challenge for us. Budgeting for the MC plan and scrutinizing on the marketing strategies which also include field marketing, sponsorships, merchandizing, packaging, trade shows etc. A Marketing Manager should focus on reducing the silos that would be formed which will enforce on having separate goals, budget, target market, objectives which surely will create a form of disintegration between the functions that require functioning together. Getting connected to the marketing communication specialists and outsourcing them our requirements is the need of the hour where in the consumers asks for an integrated marketing communication approach rather than a one point advertising agency.

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Every stakeholder can ensure that the consistency and the integration of the different modes of communication are been adopted that would help reaching out to the masses. Such an approach of communication would instill the co-ordination efforts that will help in developing an effective and an efficient MC program which ensures consistency, coordination and a common message to address on these matters. A conscious effort to build a Relationship Economy is the idea and the concept which helps in sustaining better philosophy there by reaching out to the required masses.As an institution striving towards a common goal and objective, considering the public relation function along with the marketing function at a same platform will surely prove to make it at the best interest of the organization. My personal pattern of understanding Marketing communication will be developed; evaluated, created, critized which further will be organized and assessed on the varied dynamics involved with the MC campaign.

I surely hope that with the plans and the strategies identified above would generate a sense of belongingness among every stakeholder where by timely incentives and motivations would add to the weight age of the institution. The total combined effort of each one of us should bring out positive feedback and a good Word of Mouth which by itself the best way of getting one self noticed in the minds of the public.References:jimmintz, (2008). The need for integrated marketing communications in public sector marketing. Retrieved October 23, 2008, from, J.

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