Member of the wedding notes Essay

Stuck between being to immature for adolescence and to old to be a kid. the supporter Frankie Addams. has the desire to be the kid and the grownup. Within herself she’s confused and lost. her organic structure is to large. yet her head is broken. Through the journey of Carson McCullers novel The Member of the Wedding. Frankie clinchs on to the pathetic thought of belonging to the nuptials and even traveling off with the newlyweds after. This construct developed by her. is what she believes is a manner in which she can develop a sense of belonging.

Although this thought absurd and extremely immature it highlights that Frankie wants an grownup dream at her immature age. Her baffled desires between kid and maturity are depicted once more. when she about experiences her first sexual brush with a solider. Although being speculative and interested in what would travel on between the two of them and although Frankie enjoyed being treated like an grownup. it was all to much for her to manage and she fled from the solider. It is hard to posses a sense of belonging when we are diffident of our ain individuality. Why?

In holding a sense of belonging. one must ever hold a clear apprehension of their individuality. This is because the groups we attach ourselves with throughout the journey of life resemble characteristics of our ain personality. So when 1 lacks the cognition of their ain ego. in happening someplace or something to belong to which suites and allows them to be comfy. it is about impossible. Evidence Through Carson McCullers novel The Member of the Wedding ( 1946 ) the baffled supporter Frankie Addams reflects how her ain frail apprehension of her individuality impacts and makes it hard for Frankie to develop a sense of belonging.

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This “ unjoined “ from society feeling that the supporter feels is partially formed from different experiences she endures. From turning excessively old for sharing a bed with her male parent to being rejected from the nine house for being “ excessively immature “ . Frankie’s self perceptual experience of her physical facet besides adds to this unsettled individuality. as she is come ining the phases of pubescence and feels as if she is a “ monster “ due to her tall tallness.

With both her experiences and her visual aspect shattering her individuality in to an unsettled province. Frankie finds it hard to belong to something more so the people she lives with. Leaving the supporter to clinch on to the pathetic thought of being a member of her brothers marrying. Although this construct that Frankie desires so much. of belonging to a nuptials. is absurd it proves how much of an impact holding a weak individuality can play it happening a sense of belonging.


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