Media Consumption Essay

Media Consumption is defined as usage of specified media by a person and or group of people. After conducting a week long journal, I’ve realized that my media consumption consists of many different media mediums. In general I mostly intake media from, the internet, my mobile phone, and television. On the internet, I usually visit social networking sites such as facebook. com and twitter.

com, or pop culture/fashion websites like, fashion. com, Tmz. com, and youtube. com, to get information and updates from my family and friends.On my mobile phone, I tend to get news and weather updates from yahoo. com and weather.

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om. I also get updates from Elle magazine and technology news from blackberrygeeks. com on my mobile phone. Television is where I intake media for entertainment reasons. I watch family shows like, “Jon and Kate Plus 8”and “Sister”. Opinion leaders according to media consumption are those who interpret and stream the media for others.

In my case, I am both an opinion leader and a follower. As an opinion leader, I inform others of things that I think are interesting either by word of mouth, or by posting direct links and or videos of myself discussing the topics on social networking sites like facebook or twitter.When I am looking for media from others, I turn to females around my age that are interested in the same things I am.

For the week of my journal, I mostly got media information from my roommate because she is a friend for five years. Whatever she referred me to was entertaining to me. According to Chris Anderson definition of the long tail, there are specific niches in which more and more people are turning to instead of mainstream media. I happen to fall into the “long tail” category. Although media hits are compelling, I find my niche of entertainment and news more amusing and relatable.

The companies that own my portion of media consumption are, Time Warner (owning CW network, TNT, & TBS), General Electric (owning Oxygen & A&E), and Viacom (owning MTV. BET and Paramount Pictures). My role with media would be an active viewer. By active viewer, I mean that I respond to others’ postings, videos, articles, and blogs, more than I actually create my own media. As an active viewer, I reply to original media with media of my own. For example, if I disagree with a video blog or post, I would generate my own video in response.

I use media to both educate and entertain myself.Media is used for educational purposes when I want to elaborate on a class lesson or want more details on news or worldwide event. I use media for entertainment purposes when I am watching movies, like “Knocked Up” or “Pineapple Express”. My relationship with the media today is an important one. Without media in my life I would be completely helpless. Media helps me stay in contact with others, stay informed about news, events, and plays a big role in entertainment. I have been surrounded by media, and admit that I now depend on it for simple day to day activities.Although it has made parts od living easier, media hasn’t always had a good effect on others.

Media today has made life a loy more impersonal and takes away from the simple things, like texting instead of calling my parents from school. In the future I would like to see media in the raw. Media today is “fed” to public. It is change to depict a certain image. I would like to see media changed as a whole so that there was a way that the absolute and total truth can be revealed in every instance, so that nothing can be mediated.


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